Here's Where This Week's 'Catfish' Couple Is Now


Another day, another poor soul deceived by an internet fraud. Traves from the Los Angeles area was the latest internet user who fell victim to a less-than-truthful online relationship, and our heroes at Catfish were quick to help him. This week's was a relatively straightforward episode, though there were a few grey areas where fans weren't exactly sure what to expect. So, where are Catfish's Traves and Brianna now?

Apparently, they're extremely difficult to find on social media these days. Even when delving into those who have retweeted and liked the promos for the episode that Catfish's official Twitter account was posting, I wasn't able to find Traves or Brianna promoting their MTV air time. This isn't altogether surprising — after having a not-so-glamorous appearance on a nationally televised program that scrutinized my social media presence and communication skills, I might not be too keen to flaunt my Twitter handle for a while, either. A detox might be a healthy step. It's also worth noting that Traves and Brianna have relatively common names — though Traves takes a unique turn with his spelling — and I might simply be missing their profiles in the deep sea of people with similar names who all live in the Los Angeles area.

It seems safe to say, even without finding their social media accounts, that they're not together. Brianna was the one stringing Traves along with fake photos, a fake name — Candy — and even asking him for money when she was in a pinch on paying her bills. She used photos of a woman Nev and Max eventually found out was an actress in adult films, and who was also married. Brianna had no connection to the actress, and ultimately came clean after her sister, Veronica, basically bombarded her with Catfish cameras in the middle of a parking garage. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Veronica had been watching Brianna catfish men for years, apparently, and was one of the first people Nev and Max reached out to after sleuthing through Brianna's social media. For a while, Nev and Max were skeptical about whether or not Brianna was actually the culprit that Traves had been talking to, which definitely wasn't out of the realm of the possibility given all the twists and turns Catfish usually encounters. Thankfully, Veronica was a faithful ally throughout the process, and didn't deceive anyone.

Veronica joins the ranks of plenty of family members who have helped the show extinguish their loved ones' deceptive tendencies, which can't always be easy to do. Veronica had to remove herself from the situation a few times, unable to see her sister failing to fully own up, in her eyes, to what she had done to all these people. Brianna did, to her credit, fess up when confronted — she didn't try and continue to hide anything. She broke down a bit when admitting that she pretends to be someone else because she's not happy with who she really is, and she did claim she had real feelings for Traves, and he in turn said he would've given her a chance had she not lied. Still, though, they still didn't work out in the end.

When Nev and Max checked in with the pair separately via video chat three months after filming wrapped, Brianna said they weren't exactly on speaking terms. She had given up the practice of catfishing, or so she promised, and even had a real-life boyfriend of her own, who made an appearance in her video chat conversation. Traves also said he was feeling more confident since the show, adding that he'd embarked on a few dates since filming wrapped. Brianna seems to be more comfortable being herself, and they're arguably both in a better position to find love than trusting — or being — an elusive internet companion.