Derek & Taylor Dish About Whether They'll Move In Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Kayla Hawkins
Paul Hebert/ABC

It was subtle and received barely any screentime, but Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan have slowly built a real relationship over the course of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 that really feels like it could potentially last, like Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper's union. But there have been disappointing surprise breakups on the show before, so it's great to hear reports that this couple is still together and thriving — and, according to Entertainment Tonight, Derek and Taylor get engaged in the season finale. But while many couples have gotten together in the finale episode of a Bachelor show, there are lots of other milestones — like, for example, do Taylor and Derek live together after Bachelor in Paradise?

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Derek and taylor talked about moving and made it clear that they both want to live in the same city, but they're not quite ready to share an apartment. It's not surprising that they want to continue their romance in the same location. Carly and Evan lived in Nashville together post-BiP and look how well that worked out for them?

And, while you won't yet see any closeups on an engagement ring, there are some almost imperceptible signs that this couple have taken the next step and already moved to the same place.

They're TBT-ing

The couple have been making fun of how much time they spent making out while in Paradise together. That's not really a sign that they've moved together, but when couples reach that stage where they can make fun of how much PDA they indulge in, then you know they're really serious about one another.

They Are Office-cially Cute

Seriously, they've been trading Office gifs back and forth for ages now — this has crossed over from inside joke to public knowledge back into inside joke territory. It looks like these two have possibly been marathoning the classic NBC comedy together... possibly from some newly shared city.

They Travel Together

Both Derek and Taylor were in New York City recently, maybe that's one of the cities they're thinking about moving to.

Derek Flipped After The Show

Derek shared this photo to point out how a house he was flipping had some very Bach-appropriate wallpaper. But could it also be a sign that he was working on a new home that he could eventually share with the woman he wound up meeting in Paradise.

Taylor Recently Relocated

After a summer spent geotagging herself all over her hometown of Seattle, Washington, Taylor posted a selfie in mid-August from Los Angeles, and has slowly been posting more and more LA-tagged pictures since. She never acknowledged moving down the coast, but this is actually a strong sign that they might be starting a new life by moving in together.

Could They Be Meeting The Parents?

Derek posted this photo in early August, of him alongside his family, while just a few days later, Danielle posted a selfie with the caption, "Seek out terrifying (but amazing) things in life, and embrace the unknown ... especially when it comes to finding love!" Could be a coincidence, especially since the two pictures weren't posted on the same day. But meeting the parents would be a big step!

Regardless of where or when they choose to move, even after the end of Bachelor in Paradise, it looks like this couple is still going strong.