Can You Guess Who Gets Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Paul Hebert/ABC

Another season of Bachelor In Paradise is in the books, and with it (hopefully) comes a few couples who like each other enough to keep their crazy love going. According to promos for next week, someone even proposes on the Bachelor In Paradise finale. Did anyone even have enough time to make that life-altering decision? It seems so because that glittering Neil Lane box is here.

If you don't want to be spoiled, you should stop reading. But, if you exist on the Internet you might already know that, according to Us Weekly, Taylor and Derek reportedly got engaged during the finale, which was taped in advance. (Bustle reached out to ABC after those reports came out, but did not receive a response.) How nice for Tadek (Daylor?), right? I think they're the only ones who actually could have gotten engaged, seeing as Derek and Taylor got together when the season started and didn't leave each other's side the whole time. No one else was together as long, and even though it was a matter of weeks (and a limited number at that), at least these two made some sort of foundation before deciding to get hitched. Perhaps that means it'll be able to last.

Frankly, I'm surprised that any couple was able to get engaged on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, because it seemed like the show's focus was more on hijinks and silly behavior than couples. In past seasons, viewers got to grow with the couples (Jade and Tanner, Carly and Evan, Grant and Lace), and even if they didn't work out, you at least felt like these couples could last. Who else could last from this season of Bachelor In Paradise? Robby and Amanda? Sorry to say, but I don't think that train will make it all the way into the station. But still, I'm glad for Taylor and Derek if they did indeed get engaged, and I really hope that they've found forever love on Bachelor In Paradise. So far the show has a great track record with couples making it down the aisle, and these lovebirds could be next.