Are Dylan & Alexandra Together After 'Love Island'? Alex Says She's Found Her "Prince Charming"

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

They might have come in second during Wednesday night's finale, but considering Alexandra and Dylan are still together after Love Island, they're still winners at heart. Of course, it hasn't even been a day since their time in the villa came to an end, but the two have made clear they'll be pursuing a relationship outside of the show. They did make things official on their final date, after all.

During the Love Island finale, Elizabeth and Zac split the $100,000 prize after being crowned the Season 1 winners. Considering they'd been together since day one, they were a tough couple to beat. But since Alexandra and Dylan came in second, their low-key relationship and silly personalities clearly made fans want to vote for them, too. And just because the show is over and they didn't win doesn't mean they're going to call it quits. They may not live literally 20 minutes away from each other like Kyra and Cashel, but a little over two hours really isn't that bad.

As their CBS bios note, Alexandra lives in Los Angeles while Dylan is in San Diego. Compared to Caro and Ray's cross-country commute (Caro is in L.A., Ray in New Jersey), that should be a breeze. At least they won't have to pay for plane tickets every time they want to see each other! As long as they both have cars (or are willing to shell out some cash for a long Uber ride), they should be fine. Besides, as they proved while reading their love letters, Dylan and Alexandra have really fallen for each other.

"When I look into your eyes, I feel something different because I see a real future with you," Dylan told Alexandra. "I cannot wait to see who we are outside of this villa." Meanwhile, Alexandra admitted to him, "To say I'm falling for you would be an understatement." Right before host Arielle Vandenberg revealed the winner of Love Island, they echoed these feelings again. Alexandra said winning didn't matter to her since "I got this guy next to me, so I'm so happy." And even though Dylan was hoping they'd win, he recognized that what was really important was "finding something real, something that's going to go a long way."

Now that they won't be on national television every weekday night, the best way to keep up with Alexandra and Dylan's relationship status is through social media. Alex claimed that she found her Prince Charming on her Instagram Story following the finale. And when Dylan went Live on Instagram while out to dinner with the rest of the cast in Fiji, he started the #FreeTheFreckles hashtag in honor of the feature he loves most about Alex... awww. No wonder Alexandra said that Dylan helped her love and accept herself.

While this pair clearly likes to have fun, their bond is pretty serious. So here's hoping they can transition their love story from Fiji to the West Coast just as easily as they hit it off on Love Island.