All The Clues Harry & Francesca Have Dropped About Their Relationship Post-'Too Hot'


Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle. If you've already finished all eight episodes of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle (let's be honest, what else is there to do?), you're probably wondering if the show's most temperamental couple, Francesca and Harry, are still together. It's been a year since they were tricked into (kind of) giving up sex for a whole month, and while they can't spoil anything just yet, their Instagrams are full of clues that they stayed in touch after filming.

Toward the end of the show, Francesca asked Harry to move to Vancouver. It doesn't look like that happened, as he currently lives in Los Angeles, according to Instagram. But he has shared multiple photos from Vancouver throughout the last year, as Francesca did from Australia. So it definitely looks like they've visited each other.

If that isn't enough evidence for you, Harry also posted an Instagram selfie in June 2019 that was geotagged in Vancouver — featuring his cheek stamped with someone's bright pink lipstick.

"I knew from day one that I didn't just want physical stuff from Harry," Francesca tells Bustle. "He was someone that I wanted to have in my life." Adds Harry: "I think once I started to get to know her and we started talking about deeper stuff ... I realized that this isn't just gonna be like, you know, a quick fling ... And then as things progressed, our feelings just started exploding, like literally just skyrocketed."

Harry and Francesca were the first two to break the show's no-touching rules, costing the entire group $3,000 with one kiss. "It was easy to be selfish," Francesca explains. "Because we had already formed a relationship and we wanted to make that stronger. So him and I breaking the rules, we didn't really even need to think about it, we kind of just were hoping that we would get away with it." Unfortunately, they didn't. But they did learn from their mistakes.

"We knew we were there to form a deeper connection, so we kind of took that head-on and started to like dig deep and immerse ourselves in the experience," she adds. "I think we all left it changed people for the better."