How 'Siesta Key's "It" Couple Are Doing After The Show


Do you also long for the days when Laguna Beach was so relevant that stores were selling shirts that said "Team Kristen" and "Team LC." Well, fellow adults, MTV has decided to make a valiant attempt to make lightning strike twice with their new reality series Siesta Key. The show has the same premise of Laguna Beach — it follows a cast of beautiful, rich teens around a beach-y paradise (in this case, an island in Sarasota County, Florida) that they call home. And just like in Laguna Beach, there's an it couple that Siesta Key hopes fans will root for while they endure various threats to their relationship throughout the season. In MTV's new series, that spot is filled by Garrett and Kelsey. So, are Garrett and Kelsey from Siesta Key still together?

Well, if their respective Instagrams are to be believed, then at the moment, these two seem to still be together and very happy. On July 10, Kelsey posted a "happy birthday" message to Garrett and included three adorable photos of the two of them together along with it. So, likely to the chagrin of some young women in Siesta Key and watching at home, these two seem to be going strong at the moment. This will possibly be looked into even further in the series, as the show heavily relies on the drama that unravels when Kelsey starts hanging around Garrett's group. She is even referred to as "the new girl" in her MTV show bio.

It may be that these two particular cast members clicked because they seem to be some of the only Siesta Key stars who work. According to the MTV cast site, Garrett is a personal trainer with what appears to be a 10-pack, and Kelsey is a model. She worked internationally all through high school, which is why she is referred to as the "new girl," since she wasn't really around until very recently.

It feels like MTV might be giving potential fans of the show a look into what may be a point of contention with others in the group. The new arrival gets scrutinized in these situations, it seems. I realize that I keep going back to Laguna Beach, but remember Casey Reinhardt? She wasn't immediately accepted into the established group either. But it's nice to see that, for the moment, this couple weathered whatever storms may have cropped up during filming.

If I'm still looking looking at the Laguna Beach model here (and you better believe these two shows will be compared), I am sure fans can expect to see this particular relationship being tested. Laguna watchers all remember the Steven, LC, and Kristen love triangle that dominated the first couple of seasons of Laguna Beach. At least we can guess based on their social media that Kelsey and Garrett have come out of the situation relatively unscathed for now.

It has yet to be determined if Siesta Key will stick around for the long run, but Kelsey and Garrett are showing some staying power.