Why Jax & Brittany Are Probably Already Engaged

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After evading the topic of marriage for (most of) their entire relationship, Jax Taylor told Brittany Cartwright that he does want to marry her in the future during the last Vanderpump Rules season finale. Now that the couple has their own spinoff show, people can't help wondering if Jax and Brittany are engaged yet.

Unfortunately there is currently no confirmation or denial of an engagement — most likely because they can't spoil anything that is a storyline for Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky or Vanderpump Rules. But, Brittany has made it very clear that she wants to get married and Jax has seemingly started to come around to the idea so it seems like it could happen soon.

At the end of the first Jax & Brittany episode, Jax showed Brittany's mom Sherri Cartwright an image on his phone of a ring that he has had designed for Brittany. So, he seems to be moving in that direction.

Plus, if he designed a ring and didn't give it to Brittany, wouldn't it ruin the surprise if she found out about that for the first time watching it on TV? That's why it's possible that they are probably engaged right now and they are just keeping the news under wraps for so they don't spoil anything. The other possibility is that Jax just majorly ruined a surprise. Or maybe he just doesn't care that Brittany could pause the episode and zoom in on the image to see what her engagement ring looks like. Jax hasn't exactly been known for his foresight.

Although there is plenty of engagement chatter, there is also a lot of fan speculation on the other end of the spectrum about whether or not Jax and Brittany are still together. But, Jax recently disputed those rumors via tweet.

Even though everyone wants to know whether or not Jax and Brittany will be the next Vanderpump Rules wedding special, they're all about being coy for now. And that is exactly what keeps the fans tuning in to their (two) TV shows and constantly checking their social media pages for engagement clues. Jax and Brittany know exactly what they're doing.