Signs That 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Jax & Brittany Will Get Engaged Soon

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I never thought I would say this, but I have this feeling that Jax Taylor is going to pop the question. During my first couple years as a Vanderpump Rules viewer, this thought never crossed my mind, but thanks to Brittany Cartwright, it has now and I'm totally on board. Hear me out on this one: There are actually plenty of signs that Jax and Brittany will get engaged soon.

Unfortunately, these two are only friends in my head and I've never actually met them so my "insight" is based on watching the show and following them both on social media. Still, I have a really good feeling that Jax and Brittany will go the distance. It's definitely an opposites attract situation with the (now somewhat reformed) bad boy of SUR dating the patron saint of the cast. Ironically enough, the angelic server is the only one capable of handling Jax and they have become such a solid couple.

Sure, it's possible that I'm reading into just about everything, but I can't help it that I'm optimistic. I'm just a supporter of Jittany, Bax, or whatever their most catchy combined couple name would be. No matter what combined moniker Pump Rules fans decide on for the couple, I think we can all agree that this relationship has worked out surprisingly well. And that's why I'm so happy that there are so many promising signs that there is another Vanderpump Rules engagement on the way.

1. They Got Serious Immediately

Sure, it's not exactly normal to ask someone to move in with you the first time you meet them in Las Vegas, but I guess Jax was super into Brittany and I don't blame him. A few weeks after they started dating long distance, Brittany made the move to West Hollywood to live with Jax and the player became a one-woman man.

2. They Live Together

The couple has lived together in more than one apartment. It is a very big deal to live together and be happy doing so.

3. They Co-Parent Dogs

They have the most pawfect family with their adorable dogs, Kingsley and Monroe. A good preview for life as parents? That's what I'm hoping.

4. They Get Along With Each Other's Families

Jax and Brittany are always posting pics with each other's families... Almost as if they are already related. How cute!

5. They Have Matching Tattoos

This isn't my style, but the tats do symbolize their commitment. Plus, the tattoos that Brittany and Jax got are actually pretty subtle. Apparently he learned something from his previous ink, so I'm going to consider that to be a sign of maturity.

6. They Are Well Integrated Into Each Other's Lives

They share work and friends so well that being a married couple seems like a natural next step.

7. They Work Out Together

This seems like a silly point, but the fact that they work out together as a part of their daily routine says a lot. They clearly enjoy spending a ton of time together.

8. They Have Discussed Marriage

The biggest sign that they'll get engaged is that they have already talked about the possibility of marriage multiple times on the show. Plus, Jax told her he was ready for it during the Season 5 finale.

I cannot help shipping this couple. It really does seem like marriage is in the cards for them, right?