Why Jordan & Jenna Might Have What It Takes To Last After Paradise

Paul Hebert/ABC

Jordan and Jenna on Bachelor In Paradise have already had a few bumps in the road throughout their days-old relationship, but they seem like kindred, blonde, excitable souls. They've been super into each other for a couple episodes now as they lounge around on the beaches of Mexico with their fellow Bachelor Nation alumni, but the most recent episode cut a big rift between the two. So are Jenna and Jordan still together after Bachelor In Paradise?

You won't find any clues on either of their social media accounts — Jenna's Instagram is filled with modeling shots and Bachelor throwbacks with no possible beaus to be seen, and Jordan's is also mostly filled with modeling shots (naturally) and some bromantic pictures of him and Grocery Joe. If they are together, they're not giving up many secrets, as is usually the way with Bachelor Nation contestants who have been sworn to secrecy by the powers that be.

But Jordan has confirmed that he does come away from BIP with a new special someone in his life — he appears to have had a pretty good time on the spin-off. "I do find someone for me in Paradise," he told the Citrus County Chronicle, a local Florida newspaper, ahead of the premiere. "It ends on a very good note."

It looked at first like Jordan and Annaliese could be a couple to watch on this season of Paradise as they seemed to hit it off almost immediately. But the changing tides of Paradise are fickle, and once Jenna arrived on the scene, Jordan was swept away in her, instead. If he ends up with someone, it's only natural to assume it's probably Jenna — there's not much time for him to fall head over heels for someone else at this point.

There is trouble in Paradise, though. Jordan's passion for Jenna (and for everything else) is something he wears on his sleeves, and when David tried to make moves on her a couple episodes ago, he was not having it. Jordan, while donning an interesting and festive floral suit, threw a bit of a tantrum, and tossed a giant stuffed stuffed animal David gifted Jenna into the ocean. (Don't worry, it was later saved from the surf by Annaliese.)

Jordan apologized to the entire group for his antics and his words seemed sincere, but it definitely planted a seed of doubt in Jenna. She later told Wells that she didn't like the look Jordan had in his eyes, and noted that she had a few lingering questions in the back of her mind concerning Jordan, no matter how much fun they have together. It seemed like she might have soured on him for good.

Later in the episode, she even went on a date with Benoit, another new addition, and ended up kissing him, driving Jordan even further up the wall. He continues to make it clear that he's interested in her, but the episode ends with Jenna crying because she's not sure how to choose.

If Jordan and Jenna are going to salvage things, they need to do it soon. Jordan needs to make it perfectly clear to Jenna that his jealousy isn't going to get the best of him again — he may have good intentions, and we all know he's passionate, but a grown man destroying a gift because another guy is talking to his crush is not a thing that's going to fly in a long-term relationship. She deserves someone who's not that much of a loose cannon, and there are other guys in Paradise who can offer her that. If Jenna and Jordan actually are each other's endgame, there's a lot they have to sort out before it's too late, and fans will be anxiously watching along the way.