Fans Are Really Rooting For Jordan & Jenna After The Latest 'Bachelor In Paradise' Episode

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Craig Sjodin (2); CarolineLunny/Twitter

The instant connection between Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper is something that Bachelor Nation didn't see coming. Nevertheless, Jordan and Jenna are the couple Bachelor in Paradise that fans didn't know they needed. With all of the melodrama and lack of genuine connections, Jordan and Jenna are one of the few couples to root for at this point, and fans on Twitter are doing just that.

During Tuesday night's episode, the chemistry between Jenna and Jordan was undeniable. No one thought it was possible for Jordan to be at a loss for words, but his initial nerves around Jenna made him truly speechless in the cutest way possible. Unfortunately, Jenna and Jordan connected while Annaliese was still very much into him and even talking about the possibility of a future together. At the very least, both Jordan and Jenna were honest with Annaliese and made an effort to communicate with her instead of being shady about their connection (... unlike some other people on Bachelor in Paradise).

Even the rest of the cast members were on board with Jenna and Jordan becoming a couple. No one could deny their genuine spark. They got so much praise as a potential couple that, at one point, the contestants didn't even realize Annaliese was sitting right there while multiple people talked about how "perfect" Jordan and Jenna would be together.

The premise of Bachelor in Paradise is to find love on the beach. These two have a sincere connection and might be one of the final pairings left standing after all is said and done. They also provide some much-needed laughs after an overly dramatic start to the season. Even Twitter users couldn't help commenting. Spoiler alert: There are a lot of (on-point) Barbie and Ken comparisons.


Jenna & Jordan Are The Couple We Needed

Pretty much no one saw this one coming, but this relationship provides premium entertainment. The viewers get to see a more vulnerable side of Jordan and get to know Jenna more than they did when she was on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor. These two are just so enjoyable to watch, even former contestant Bekah M. agrees.


They Provide A Much-Need Break From Tia & Colton Drama

Bachelor in Paradise turned into the Tia Booth and Colton Underwood show. The initially intriguing saga wore out its welcome pretty quickly, especially when other cast members were pushed into the background as a result. Jordan and Jenna provide a much-needed change of pace.


Annaliese Didn't See It Coming

Poor Annaliese. She did absolutely nothing wrong, but her connection with Jordan just couldn't compare to what he has with Jenna.


Jenna Brings Out A Great Side Of Jordan

Jordan has always been entertaining, but Jordan in a relationship with Jenna is truly endearing. It's hard not to root for this duo.


Jordan & Jenna Are The Real-Life Barbie & Ken

They real are the embodiment of Barbie and Ken. This would also make for a great couples Halloween costume. Just saying.


Annaliese Handled The Pairing As Best As She Could

Props to Annaliese for having the maturity and tact to make it through difficult conversations with Jordan and Jenna. Hopefully she finds her own love story ASAP.


They Kept It Real With Annaliese

At least Jordan and Jenna were honest. Sure, Jordan shouldn't have told Annaliese that he would give her a chance if things didn't work out with Jenna, but for the most part, his talk was sincere and transparent. Jenna even served as a confidante for Annaliese as she thought through her other options.


They Need A Combined Couple Name

What will they be referred to as other than "Jordan and Jenna"? What would their combined couple name be? Coining a moniker would make this officially official.


Jordan Is SO Into Her

Jordan is so undeniably happy. Who wouldn't want to feel like that?


Jenna & Jordan Seem Perfect Together

They really are quite the pairing.


They Already Have A Lot Of Love From The 'BIP' Fans

Bachelor in Paradise blessed the fans with some iconic couples. Will Jenna and Jordan go the distance like Jade and Tanner Tolbert, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk, and Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon? At this point, it seems like a realistic possibility.


The Barbie & Ken Comparisons Are Undeniable

The comparisons are just too applicable.


Their Costars Are Rooting For Them

Too many people to count expressed their joy and approval over Jordan and Jenna getting together during last night's episode. No drama here, minus David swooping in with that birthday cake.


When Is The Wedding?

At this point the fans don't even know for sure if Jordan and Jenna are still together after filming wrapped, but some can't help imagining and hoping for another BIP wedding.

Jordan and Jenna brought some high energy, sincerity, and humor to Paradise. Their costars and the fans can't help shipping this duo. They are clearly "here for the right reasons." Now we just need to see how their "journey" unfolds.