Josiah May Have Found His Love Match On 'Bachelor Winter Games'


Now that the Bachelor Winter Games are finally here, it's time to find out if the new show can actually form lasting relationships — including the connections that sparked on the very first episode. Case in point: Josiah Graham and Ally Thompson. They hit it off almost immediately, but are Josiah and Ally still dating after Bachelor Winter Games? Right now, it's hard to tell whether either half of this potential couple are currently single or not.

In Tuesday night's premiere episode, Ally (who's playing for Team New Zealand in the games) and Josiah seemed to be into each other from their very first conversation — which was perfect, because Ally had made it clear that she was hoping to find an instant connection in Vermont. They didn't manage to talk for very long before Ally let it slip that she thought Jeremiah was really attractive, and seconds later, they were making out...and officially becoming the first hookup of the season.

But it wasn't just their serious chemistry that brought them together in the beginning — it also seemed like they saw relationship potential in each other, like when Josiah admitted that "I can see myself with Ally." But did that feeling end up turning into anything real?

So far, their social media accounts aren't giving up many answers to fans. Neither of them are very active on Twitter, and both of their Instagrams tell the story of a single person who's just enjoying life, sans romantic partner. In fact, Ally has only shared one photo from the Bachelor Winter Games, and it's a group pic with the whole cast:

Josiah's Instagram tells a similar story. He's never been big on sharing every piece of his life online, so it's not too surprising that he's also not really using the platform to discuss who he is or is not dating. He, too, has only shared one post about the games — a Boomerang of himself throwing snow in the air during his time in Vermont (which was probably pretty exciting for him, since he's from Florida).

Sadly, Ally is nowhere to be seen in said Boomerang, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Besides, judging from the rest of Josiah's Instagram, it really seems like he's been spending his time living it up with his fellow Bachelor franchise men, and that might be on purpose. It's sometimes hard to avoid spoilers when you watch these shows, but maybe Josiah's trying to do his part to keep this season's ending under wraps.

If you're rooting for this couple to go the distance, there is good news. They may not be posting photos of or with each other, but neither of them are really posting photos with anyone else, either. It could mean they're both single... or it could mean that they're still dating and trying to keep us all in suspense.

Of course, it's the very beginning of the season, which means it's really hard to predict how things play out. Was it love at first sight, or just a temporary spark? Absent of a Bachelor crystal ball, it's impossible to tell just yet — especially since neither of them are willing to give up any hints on social media.

Ally is new to Bachelor Nation for most American fans, but so far, she seems super sweet. And it was definitely sad to see Josiah get his heart broken on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette last year. Maybe these two actually did hit it off and they're dating as we speak? Whatever's to come, it already looks like this season is going to be so much fun to watch.