These 'RHOC' Adversaries May Be Burying The Hatchet

by Marenah Dobin
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Real Housewives of Orange County season started out with a very clear divide in the cast. The battle lines were drawn with Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd on one side and Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador on the other. The alliances seemed to be very clear, but are things shifting around? It looks like that might be possible. Are RHOC's Kelly and Tamra friends again? They did end up meeting in the Aug. 7 episode, and they actually got along.

No insults (or plates) were thrown at there lunch, so this was clearly a step up from the last time Kelly met up with cast members. But did Kelly and Tamra actually bury the hatchet and become besties? Obviously not. That would be way too simple, and this is Real Housewives. Plus, Tamra is super loyal to Shannon who cannot stand Kelly, so she's not going to dive into best friendship because one lunch went well.

Basically they just apologized for things they've both already apologized for; Tamra admitted that she peed her pants when she was yelling at Kelly during the Ireland trip last year; and Tamra did what she could to convince Shannon to give Kelly a chance. Was it genuine? It sure seemed like it, but then again, it's a win-win situation for both of them if they make an effort to get along.

On Tamra's end, it would infuriate Vicki if she got along with Kelly. Kelly can push Shannon's buttons if she is on good terms with Tamra. And on top of that, it would just make for good TV if these two actually got along. Could you imagine the turn ups and inappropriate quotes that would result from these two being friends?

Unfortunately, it's still tough to know whether Tamra and Kelly are in more than just a polite truce. This season was filmed months ago and the relationships in this franchise are constantly shifting. So any "current" information on their status is bound to be outdated and incorrect an hour from now.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Tamra and Kelly do follow each other on Instagram. They both have public accounts, so if they wanted to creep on each other's posts they very easily could. Then again, social media friendship doesn't always equate to real life friendship (or reality TV friendship), especially since they don't even have recent photos together.

In other recent news, Tamra and Kelly have been trashing each other in recent interviews and Bravo blog posts. So is this indicative of how they currently feel or are they just sharing their thoughts that they had when these episodes were filmed?

As Andy Cohen says, the fans will just have to "watch what happens" when it comes to the possibility of real friendship between Tamra and Kelly after their peace-making meeting.