Kelly Dodd Promises Airborne Steak On 'RHOC' Season 12

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

On Monday, the twelfth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County will premiere on Bravo, and it sounds like it’ll be the meatiest one yet. In a recent interview with E! News, OC Housewife Kelly Dodd said Season 12 may not be as “explosive” as Season 11, but the steaks are higher than ever. (Hope you brought your ap-pun-tite, because the corny jokes have only just begun.) And it’s all because Shannon Beador apparently launched a steak into the sky during an argument.

When E! News’ Zuri Hall asked about Beador, Dodd began, “I have to say Shannon is probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. She’s hysterical. Just by being her, she makes you laugh.”

Well, that sure is a nice thing to say about a costar. And hey, given everything they went through during Season 11, it seems especially nice. What a nice respon— Oh wait, what’s that in the air? Is that a “however” in the breeze? Ah, here we go:

“However, you’re on that Shannon roller coaster, that sh*t can go right off the rails like that … We get into it and a steak goes flying.”

Uh, what now? A steak goes flying? As in, catches air? Does someone pick it up and toss it? Do the Santa Ana winds knock open the restaurant windows and take the prime rib with them? Does the steak put on a motorized propeller hat and say, "So long, suckers!" as it zips into the sunset?

Thankfully, there are more details to chew on. Dodd continued,

“It goes in the air. She slams a plate down … And they said that it was the loudest thing ever and that the steak just went flying. And my friend that’s a waitress, she stepped on it.”

Let all of that sink in for a minute or two. Nay, marinate (this is a meaty situation, after all). At some point during Season 12, Beador literally picks up a plate of steak, hits the steak plate on a table, and sends the steak soaring through the air like an Olympic ski jumper. Between this beef incident and the sneak preview with the dramatic mic pack removal, it looks like Season 12 could be Beador’s for the taking.

Er, wait. Let's try that again. Season 12 could be Beador's for the steak-ing.