KKW Fragrance’s New Kimoji Heart Perfumes Literally Smell Like Candy

Courtesy KKW Fragrance

The Kardashians produce a lot of content. They also produce a lot of things you can buy. KKW Fragrance is one of the newest of the Kardashian-created products you can get your hands on, and Kim Kardashian West has just released new KKW Fragrance Kimoji Perfumes just in time for Valentine's Day. The limited edition trio of scents includes three varieties of fragrance: BFF, Ride Or Die, and Bae. According to a press release, the three perfumes (all of which are created to look like Kim's Kimoji collection) include things like "playful notes of wild berries and crisp star apple" (BFF), "luscious black cherries and juicy purple plum" (Ride Or Die), and "flirty floral heart comprised of jasmine sambac and gardenia blossom" (Bae). One thing they all have in common: they're sweet.

I managed to get my hands on the scent "Bae" just before the set of perfumes launched officially, and can now say that the fact that it is created in the image of candy makes total sense. The perfumes are clearly a playful, Valentines Day-inspired line. They're compact and quite small compared (30 ml, to be exact). In a world where scent is often glamorous and expensive, a whimsical, $30 scent is somewhat refreshing. In the press release, a quote from Kardashian West shows her inspiration clearly translated correctly.

"I'm so excited to expand my fragrance line and do something cute around Valentine's Day. It's one of my favorite holidays, and the fragrances are fun and sweet. The bottles are reminiscent of the candy hearts that I loved as a kid," Kardashian West said.

And the mogul isn't lying — these scents are extremely sweet. If you are strongly opposed to ultra sweet notes in perfume, then these probably aren't the fragrances for you. However, if you collect unique bottles of perfume, love an ultra floral or vanilla scent, or are simply the world's largest Kardashian fan, you should scoop one of these bad boys up ASAP. As they are limited edition, they're bound to go fast.

As of Feb. 1 at 3 p.m. ET (when the perfumes went live), there were still fragrances available, but given the success of Kardashian's first launch (the Crystal Gardenia collection), it's fair to assume they won't be there for long.

At $30 for each scent, it certainly would be an investment to purchase the whole Kimoji set, but getting only one of them isn't too bad, considering the price of other fragrance on the market (Crystal Gardenia was $65 and $35 for the smaller size, for example).

Oh, and just in case you're wondering — no, these perfumes don't actually come with a mallet and chocolate heart, despite what the KKW Fragrance press mailings may have led you to believe. While it is a beautiful thought to imagine a world where each of us can have a tiny perfume delivered inside a hollow chocolate heart, these special deliveries were only sent to press.

Still, though, if the KKW Fragrance Kimoji scents are your thing (and you are passionate about notes like, "marshmallow and cedar wood" and "caramel and tonka bean"), then the KKW delivery is going to be special regardless. And if you're sure if you'll like the scent, simply consult your favorite perfume. Is it sweet? Then you'll probably be into this. And if you prefer sweetness more often in the form of candy rather than scent, then maybe just stick to actual candy this holiday season.