Here’s Who You’ll See In The Royal Wedding From Meghan’s Side Of Things

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Considering all of the drama surrounding Meghan Markle's family, will any of them be in attendance for her May 19 wedding? Based on a previous statement from the royal family from May 4, two of Meghan Markle's family members were going to take part in the wedding. Although, things have changed in a big way following that reveal.

An official statement from the royals on May 4 revealed which two of Markle's family members would have roles in the big event: Her mother, Doria Ragland, would travel with her from her overnight location by car to St. George's Chapel. Once the bride-to-be was at the location, her father, Thomas Markle Sr., was set to walk her down the aisle. Both of her parents were also planning to meet with Harry's family before the wedding.

However, Thomas. will no longer be attending the wedding, as the bride confirmed herself on May 17 via an official statement from Kensington Palace. Her statement came after loads of drama concerning her father, with him going back and forth about whether he would be at the wedding at all.

On May 14, her father told TMZ that he would no longer be walking his daughter down the aisle. He said that he didn't wish to embarrass his daughter further after it was revealed that he staged paparazzi photos of himself that tied back to Markle (such as him holding a book about Great Britain).

Then, on May 15, Thomas told TMZ that he actually would be in attendance at St. George's Chapel. But, hours later, on that same day, he said, once again, that he wouldn't be at his daughter's big event as he was to undergo heart surgery on Wednesday, May 16. The former Suits star herself confirmed that he would not being attending in her May 17 statement, putting to rest any confusion about her father. Because of all of the drama surrounding Thomas, Markle's mother will officially be the only member of her family who will be in the royal wedding. Prince Charles will take on the role of walking her down the aisle, as Kensington Palace revealed on May 18.

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While Markle won't have her father in the wedding, she will have plenty of support from those close to her on the special day. On May 16, Kensington Palace revealed the ten bridesmaids and page boys who will make up the wedding party. A number of the youngsters who will be part of the ceremony have direct connections to the bride.

Two of her bridesmaids, Remi and Rylan Litt, are her goddaughters. The wedding party will also include the children of Jessica Mulroney (Ivy, Brian, and John), who is one of Markle's best friends. So, even though her relatives won't be in the wedding, it's clear that she'll be surrounded by those she loves during the event.

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As for Markle's other family members, such as her half brother and sister, they will not be at her wedding, either. Even though her relatives won't be at St. George's Chapel, some of them have found a way to be a part of the coverage surrounding the wedding. Her nephew, Tyler Dooley, and his mother, Tracy Dooley (who is the ex-wife of her half brother, Thomas Markle Jr.), are set to serve as royal wedding correspondents for Good Morning Britain on May 19, as TMZ noted.

While it doesn't appear as though Thomas Jr.. and her half sister, Samantha Markle, will be in London on May 19, they've found a way to be involved in the big affair regardless. Samantha has commented on Markle numerous times to various publications and is even publishing a book entitled A Tale of Two Sisters, as The Mirror noted. (It was previously titled The Diary Of Princess Pushy's Sister.) Thomas Jr. reportedly took things a step further, if that's even possible, and, according to InTouch, wrote a letter to Harry and urged him to call off the wedding.

While Markle's family members have been busy commenting on everything involving the wedding, don't expect them to have any part in the festivities. But it seems that Markle will be just fine with her mother by her side.