Uh, Pete Davidson & Seth Rogen’s Instagram Comments About Ariana Grande Are Kind Of Awkward

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship keeps moving forward — and apparently, Seth Rogen has something to say about it. Seth Rogen commented on Pete Davidson's Instagram photo of Grande, and Davidson wasn't having the criticism on June 21. So, are Pete Davidson and Seth Rogen friends at all? How do they know each other?

Davidson shared a photo of Grande, and she was quick to comment "i love you" on the post, along with a couple of emoji. And just as quickly, Davidson responded, "i love u more tho." Not long after Davidson shared the photo, though, Rogen jumped into the conversation, too. "Guys seriously," Rogen commented. Davidson didn't just let Rogen's two words go unnoticed. He replied to Rogen, "when ur getting married to the hottest girl in the world you tell me how you'd act."

So is Rogen's comment a joke, and Davidson's reply just a witty one? It does seem kind of random that Rogen would choose to criticize such a harmless Instagram post, but it might be an inside joke. Rogen and Davidson likely run in many of the same comedy circles, and comments like these could just be their own brand of humor. I'm not sure what, exactly, the joke is, other than that Rogen is playing the role of a curmudgeon, but more than 15,000 people have apparently liked his comment.

Pete Davidson/Instagram; Bustle/Screenshot

Davidson and Rogen have known each other since at least October 2014, when they were seen talking at a Saturday Night Live afterparty. Page Six reported at the time that Davidson asked Rogen about some SNL sketches, and the two got drinks together. It's not clear how close they are these days, but it's safe to guess the comments didn't have any malicious intent. It looks like the joke was all in good fun, even if it's not totally clear what the point of it was.

The other question is how well, if at all, Grande and Rogen know each other. At least in March 2015, Grande didn't know Rogen well enough to spell his name correctly in a tweet, in which she asked out of the blue, "but why seth rogan tho?" But if Rogen and Davidson are friends, that could change in the future.

Through her various Instagram posts, as well as her sketches with Jimmy Fallon, Grande has shown over the years that she's pretty funny, too. Even though comedy isn't her full-time job, Grande is great at impressions and at making jokes, so she'd probably fit right in with any of Davidson's comedy pals.

Grande's 2015 tweet could also shed some light on her relationship with Davidson. Her fiancé participated in Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber, which aired at the end of March 2015. During his segment, Davidson told Jeff Ross that he looked "like someone put Seth Rogen in the microwave." The roast was filmed earlier in March — what if it's why Grande tweeted the random question about Rogen? She could have been wondering why Davidson chose to compare Ross to the Neighbors star.

Of course, if that were the case, it would lead to more questions. Was Grande at the filming of the Justin Bieber roast? Or were she and Davidson friends, and he was practicing his jokes with her ahead of the filming? If either of those were true, it would mean that Grande and Davidson knew each other before she hosted Saturday Night Live in 2016, which fans thought was the first time the two of them met. It's a bit of a stretch — Grande could have been tweeting about Rogen for any number of reasons — but it could be connected.

There probably won't be any more clues as to what Rogen meant with his Instagram comment. But since he and Davidson do know each other, he likely didn't mean any harm to the newly engaged couple.