Bryan & Peter's Post-'Bach' Relationship Status Is What We Should Be Talking About


The stakes are always high at the end of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. When you’re in the bubble and you think that you’re in love with this woman or man you just met six weeks ago, you’ll do anything to keep your heart safe and keep your attention on the person you love. (I assume. I've never been on this show.) So, it's unsurprising that the rivalries on The Bachelorette (more so than on The Bachelor, but more on that later) get so intense. With Rachel down to three men and the cracks starting to show, are Peter and Bryan friends after The Bachelorette?

I’ll always maintain that the drama on The Bachelorette is worse than the drama on The Bachelor. Women have been stereotyped as being catty and difficult in groups, but in my years of watching both shows I’ve found that the contestants on The Bachelorette are nearly always more dramatic than the ladies on The Bachelor. I don’t know if it’s a marking territory thing, some weird display of masculine dominance, or what, but the chest beating that happens on The Bachelorette is intense. Usually, the last few men end up hating each other — remember when Shawn Booth wouldn’t call Nick Viall by his name at the end of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season? He just said “him” or “the other guy.” The women are more about tears (although Nick cried his fair share too), and the men seemingly all want to fight each other.

For Rachel’s season, I’m leaving Eric out of this equation, because Eric doesn’t really have beef. In the “meet Rachel’s family” episode, Peter and Bryan had some words, with Peter telling Bryan that he didn’t even know why they were speaking.

Earlier in the day, Peter told Eric that he plain didn't like Bryan.

These two didn't seem to like each other, but is it the same now that the cameras have been turned off? Taking a quick look through their respective social media accounts, it’s worth nothing that Bryan and Peter have no pictures together on either of their accounts. Bryan’s Instagram is mostly just pictures of himself with, like, one of him, Adam, and Adam, Jr. It’s very selfie-heavy, which, to me, is half vanity and half being contractually obligated not to reveal anything since Bryan is still on the show.

Peter, on the other hand, seems like he has a ton of pals from the show. Can you look at this adorable picture of Peter and absolute angel Dean(ie Baby)? Peter has no problem confessing his love for Dean, whereas Bryan just showcases his love for his own face. (I said it. Don’t @ me.)

Whether or not Peter and Bryan are friends remains to be seen, but what I can say is that if they’re the final two men standing on The Bachelorette, their relationship is going to get worse before it gets better. I don’t think they’ll ever be best friends, but I’m hoping for some civility on the After The Final Rose special, should both of them get there.