Are Nick Viall & Shawn B. Friends IRL?

Ryan Gosling/Calvin Harris look-a-like Shawn B. and late entry Nick Viall are totally the frontrunners to capture Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart on The Bachelorette, so it’s easy to understand that the two don’t see eye to eye: They’re both after the same gal! Shawn hates that Nick joined the game late (because he thought he was a shoo-in), and Nick doesn’t think much for Shawn, either. Boys, can’t we all just get along? (The answer? Not on The Bachelorette). Despite most show feuds resolving at some point, Nick and Shawn B. don't seem to be friends in real life.

After Kaitlyn revealed to Shawn B. that she and Nick had sex, he was upset and pretty unhappy with Nick, which I get. It has to be really hard to learn that the girl that you’re falling in love with is sleeping with other men. It’s completely part of the show, but it still hurts, you know? Shawn, who still calls Nick “the other guy,”confronted Nick in his hotel room about, well, everything that he's done, his general existence, and his "manipulative" nature, and Nick had plenty to say right back at Shawn. It's very safe to say that these two were not best buds that day, but are they at least friendly now?

From the looks of their social media accounts, it doesn’t seem like there’s still love lost between these two. Nick went so far as to call out the guys he loved on The Bachelorette, and, as you can guess, Shawn wasn’t one of them.

At the same time, Shawn is calling out his Bachelorette bests, too. It seems like “Cupcake” Chris and Shawn are Nashville buddies, because Shawn and Chris hung out as recently as two weeks ago.

He also felt the love for Ben H., because Ben H. is completely adorable.

Did I think that Nick and Shawn were going to be best friends after that blowout fight in Ireland? No, but I would have at least hoped that, no matter who won, they would have laid down their swords and showed some civility. I’m sure we’ll find out plenty more on “The Men Tell All” special in a few weeks — I, for one, can’t wait.

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Images: ABC