Selena Gomez's New Bangs Will Remind You Of Her Disney Channel Days

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While the '80s and '90s continue to enjoy a resurgence with fashion and beauty trends — chokers, brown lips, flannel, The Simpsons gear — the '00s are also starting to creep back into fashion and assert themselves. Selena Gomez just resurrected an '00s hair trend in an instant.

Gomez's stylist Marissa Marino of Nine Zero One in L.A. posted a pic of the singer and actor rocking seriously sideswept bangs, which had such a moment (more like 10 moments!) in the early-through-mid-'00s.

Are Gomez's extra-long and perfectly messy side bangs real? Or was it some creative wizardry on Marino's part, since so many Hollywood hair aces can fake bangs without ever touching a pair of scissors.

Gomez's fringe appears to be the work of styling sorcery and will give you all the '00s feels while reminding you of her Disney Channel days. To my eyes, it looks like long layers doubling as side bangs, which is one of the versatile qualities of having layers. You can move the part around and the end result is an entirely different style.

But the bangs could be real. You never know. I cannot quite tell.

Gomez is rocking dem side bangs. They undone 'do is super pretty. Selenators, both casual and super diehard, and Pantene, the brand of which she is a spokesmodel, know she has the richest, glossiest brown hair. Therefore, she can rock any hairstyle, short or long, bangs-free or with bangs, and look drop dead.

She wants bangs... she gets bangs... even if they are temporary. Whatever the case, that fringe is sexy AF, right?

Here's another pic featuring Selena with some deeply side-parted fringe.

From this angle, the side bangs look like a sexy and clever positioning of longer pieces of hair.

She is so #HairGoals to me. But her side bangs might have you booking an appointment with your own stylist for a little snip, some long layers, actual side bangs, or all of the above.