These 'Simpsons' Accessories Are Too Cute

Courtesy of TYPO x Cotton On

If you love Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and their crew — even those pink donuts and nerdy neighbor Ned Flanders!— then your day is about to be made. The TYPO x The Simpsons collection is heavy on the accessories and is pretty expansive, featuring everything from mugs to eye masks to iPhone cases to backpacks and more. It's extensive and there is something for all fans of Springfield's First Family and beyond.

TYPO, which is the lifestyle arm of Cotton On Group, nails it with this collection, which is sure to delight '80s and '90s kids who still have a soft spot for this brilliant and long-running show, which is going into its 29th (!!!) season.

The pieces start as low as $7 and go up to $40, so it's an affordable collection for back-to-school season for college kids or pretty much anyone who crushes hard on these beloved pop culture icons.

There are notebooks, shopper totes and novelty crossbody bags shaped like Homer's favorite treats and eats and featuring Marge's grumpy, chain-smoking sisters Patty and Selma. I personally love the weekender case featuring Lisa Simpson aka the voice of reason. There is also one with boasting donuts. I also dig the zipper top pencil cases, which can totally be repurposed as makeup bags.

Below are some of the cutest pieces in the range.

Courtesy of TYPO x Cotton On

Weekender Cosmetic Case, $24.99, Cotton On

This bag will travel well and hold all of your essentials.

Courtesy of TYPO x Cotton On

Deluxe Sunny Pencil Case, $19.99, Cotton On

Oh Lisa! You always have a point.

Courtesy of TYPO x Cotton On

Novelty Cross Body, $29.99, Cotton On

Mmm... donuts minus all the sugar and calories.

Courtesy of TYPO x Cotton On

Printed iPhone Case, $9.99, Cotton On

How about a little Bart Simpson and his mischievous grin to brighten up your day or whenever your reach for your phone, which is probably all day, every day?

There are loads more items to shop from in this collection so why not proudly display your love The Simpsons?