Are Sharron & Rhonda Still Together After 'Too Hot to Handle'? Let's Investigate

Sharron and Rhonda Too Hot to Handle Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle. If there's any couple still together after Too Hot to Handle, it's probably Sharron and Rhonda. As the first pair to embrace Lana's no-touching rules and form a deeper connection with each other, they quickly became the retreat's unofficial mom and dad — or as Sharron called them, "Obama 2.0."

"It felt amazing but scary at the same time," Rhonda tells Bustle, referring to how quickly she and Sharron clicked. "But it was something that I was proud of because me and Sharron really took the time to understand what was happening ... because we have both come from such hurtful pasts ... we were really about the self development." She continues, "So we were able to motivate you know, Harry and Francesca to do the same thing. We were far from perfect, but we just tried our best to understand what was happening and really learn from it."

Sharron adds that it was "pretty easy" to lead by example, thanks to the rest of the cast. "I thought we had such great support," he says. "So it was even easier to do the right thing. They were like, 'We want you to be better.'"

As for where the two stand now, they've been careful not to let any spoilers slip in the year since filming for Too Hot to Handle wrapped. They do at least follow each other on Instagram, and Sharron has liked most of Rhonda's recent pictures, which is a good sign. If they were broken up, they probably wouldn't bother to keep in touch. Yes, they could just be friends, but based on where they left things on the show, it seems more likely that they're just keeping their love under wraps for now.