Did Shep Find Someone On 'RelationSHEP'? The Finale Was A Doozy

Brianna Stello/Bravo

Shep Rose is a changed man — the Southern Charm star started off his own show, RelationSHEP, vying for a mate. Over the course of the show, viewers watched Shep date and go out and fly to coasts to try and find a woman to spend the rest of his life with. And he’s chosen one! On the season finale of RelationSHEP, Shep chose Bella to be his number one, flying to New York City to tell her how he really feels. But are Shep and Bella together after RelationSHEP?

In order to find a partner, one has to kiss many frogs. It takes a lot of knowing what you don’t want to find out what you do want, and Shep went through that whole process on national television. Sure, he lived his life on Southern Charm, but this was a more personal experience than it seemed Shep expected. He’s a smart man with a good heart, and RelationSHEP was a great way to experience Shep on a new level. His last two women, Peyton and Priscilla, seemed to think so, too, and each women seemed great for Shep on different levels. Peyton is the fun-loving Southerner who was always ready for a good time, and she and Shep definitely gelled in that regard. Priscilla is the more serious one of the group of women. The Brazilian has a close relationship with her family and didn’t suffer fools kindly — all her stuff is in line. But — wild card — Shep went with neither!

Brianna Stello/Bravo

Bella had to leave the show early because of work, and Shep went all the way to New York to tell her how he was feeling. It was... more romantic than I'd ever give Shep credit for. My cold, cold heart was thawed, if only for a minute, especially when Bella was so happy to see him! Hooray for Shep! But that warm feeling died quickly when the show said that we'd have to wait for Southern Charm in Spring 2018 to see how it all panned up. Et tu, Bravo?

But we don't have to wait that long — in an interview with People, Shep confirmed that things with he and Bella just didn't work out, and they've since split. He said:

“Sadly, it didn’t work out. It’s too bad. She’s an awesome girl, and when she left the show, I couldn’t get her out of my head. I really adored her. I had a warm and fuzzy feeling about her and I wanted to see where that went. But the only time we spent together was on camera, and once you are with each other in a different setting, you maybe find out you’re not as compatible as you thought. We just couldn’t make it work.”

Sad! But it's just what happens, especially when your priorities aren't the same. "She was at a place in her life where she had a lot on her plate, and a relationship may not have been top priority," Shep said. “We sort of just drifted apart, by no real fault of anyone. I went home and we were sort of texting a little less. And then I came back to New York one last time to see her, and it was clear there that it was over.”

It sucks, but it certainly happens, and more details will probably come out when Southern Charm airs. As for Shep, it doesn't seem like he's dating anyone else at the moment. His social media has no snaps of Bella or any other woman that's not a friend or family member for that matter. For now, Shep is sharing snaps of his weekends, which include friends, family, and the occasional duck hunt.

Right now, Shep isn't worrying about his love life. “I don’t know where my life is going to take me, but I’m very happy,” he told People. “Everything’s good. I’m sort of still trying to figure it all out and enjoy the adventure. Personally, I’m really excited to see what comes next.” We are, too, Shep — and that will all come in the spring on Southern Charm.