Are Storybook Cosmetics' Liquid Lippies Vegan? You'll Feel Good About These Mattes

Storybook Cosmetics certainly landed on my radar in 2016, thanks to its fantastical makeup brushes, which are like magic wands. Swatches of the brand's Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette also had me paying close attention. Now, Storybook Cosmetics is teasing liquid lipsticks in what appears to be both matte and metallic textures and I'm even further excited about what this literary-inspired brand is doing.

Storybook teased four shades — pink, mauve, red, and yellow— and confirmed that the lippies are currently in production. There won't be a pre-order; instead, the lipsticks will go on sale when they are ready. So throw Storybook an Insta follow so you can remain informed and aware of the critical intel.

So, we know what the Storybook liquid lippies look like via lip swatches and we even got a dose of the packaging. We are also aware that they are on the way. But are the Storybook Cosmetics liquid lipsticks vegan?

According to a post on the official Storybook Cosmetics Instagram, the lippies are indeed vegan. So if you are passionate about your animal sympathies and extend them to your beauty products and routines, you can feel good about using these mattes and metallics.

Bustle reached out to Storybook reps about the launch date and price of these lippies.

Have a look at these richly pigmented, "Wowza!" liquid lipsticks, courtesy of Depechegurl.

All the intel is in the caption! They are vegan, they are coming soon, and there are four shades so far. Will there be more shades? Let's wait and see.

The vegan status is proudly proclaimed in black and white via the caption. Enjoy that sneak peek of the silvery packaging while you are at it.

Here's another look at the makeup brushes! They are not just product application tools. They are magic wands.

Lastly, this is a previously posted sneak peek of the palette. Gorg, right? Storybook Cosmetics really is becoming quite the player in the indie makeup scene because it's doing something so unique.