The New Wizard Wand Brush Set Is Good

by Rachel Nussbaum

The wand may choose the wizard, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn't choose Storybook Cosmetics' thematically honed goods. On the heels of the peek they gave fans of their Wizardry and Witchcraft palette on Thursday, they dropped news of a new-handled brush collection that's going on pre-sale soon. What's in Storybook Cosmetics' Wizard Wand Brush Set? They're a twist on the tools we know.

A set of five brushes, the collection revamps the heads of the brand's original Harry Potter-inspired brushes with new, intricate handles. Complete with five fresh designs, the Wand Brush Set includes a flat thick liner brush, a flat shader, flat long packing brush, blending brush, and tapered blending brush. Good designated guidelines, but again, the wand chooses the wizard! Follow your heart (the original "do you").

There's one limit, though — according to the brand, they're keeping customers to a max of three sets per order for their presale on Jan. 1. If you desperately need them for your family and friends, hop to it when the sale opens at 11 a.m. CST, because the brand put the emphasis on limited run. Just buying for you? The same goes. At $55 for the set ($11 per brush), the collection likely won't be around long.

But! All's not lost if you miss this go-round. Storybook says they're planning a full presale run in late February, which'll give fans another chance to get in on the wizard-makeup love.

So keep an eye out during the month of love — pretty fitting for Potter devotees, or anyone who's passionate about a well-cut crease.

Or just frickin' cool makeup tools. Ornate and thoughtful to the smallest details, the wizarding brushes are a fun addition to any collection, mixing up the standard utilitarian designs that just get the job done. The brush world is a wild place at the moment. How will they stack up to something like the Silisponge? I'm betting they'll serve differently, but just as well, in true wand fashion.

Images: storybookcosmetics/Instagram