Are The Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kits Worth It? I Tried The New Formula & Here Is What I Found

Poet Ezra Pound's mantra was "Make it new." He was obviously speaking about art, but that sentiment certainly applies to current pop culture and beauty trends, too. Kylie Cosmetics is introducing new products with incredibly frequency, keeping the rapt attention of customers and fans.

From the shimmery Kylighters to the matte, Pressed Powder Blushes to the Velvet Lip Kits, 2017 is shaping up to be a #ByeMoney year for Kylie Cosmetics devotees so far.

I plunked down my cash on two Velvet Lip Kits — Charm and Harmony — and they took just a week to arrive. I was excited to play with the new formula and see how it stacked up against the original Lip Kit texture and feel. I was curious about just how different the Velvets would be. My main concern? Would the difference be noticeable? Better or worse?

Here's what I found.

The Velvet Lip Kit formula feels different. The brand advertised the Velvets as ultra pigmented (they are indeed that), as moisturizing (they are not super-drying at all), and creamy (the texture is totally divine).

But the most critical differences, from my experience? The Velvets are much more comfortable to wear. They also aren't as long-lasting. But that's actually a "plus" in my book and here's why.

I don't prefer long-wear lipstick. It often ends up wearing off in the middle of my lips, from talking, drinking, eating, and, well, living. I end up with unintentionally ombre lips and that's just not cute. I am forced to re-apply, which is fine, since I like to freshen up my makeup. But I also need to use makeup remover wipe to get the rest off so I can start over with those fresh coats.

IDK about you, but I don't want my lipstick to last through a salad drenched in oil and vinegar! It's messy. In fact, I usually remove my lipstick or lip gloss before eating and the apply when I am done. It's just neater, cleaner, and refreshing.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

Charm is a super pretty, dusty pink. It isn't as thick and my lips never felt dry or like they were caked with lipstick. It did wear off more quickly than the OG formula, but I am beyond OK with that.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

Harmony is a super pink on my already pink lips! It had a rosy effect on me. It ended up looking brighter than shades I normally choose. But I could wear it without worry since it wore comfortably, wasn't drying, and was easy to remove and then re-apply.

If you want matte lips that don't move, then the OG Lip Kit formula is a better bet for you. If you want something a little more forgiving and malleable, then the Velvets will suit you.