If Twitter Is Any Indication, Kim K's New Fragrances Won't Be In Stock For Long

by Kali Borovic

K-Day has finally arrived ... again. Kim Kardashian's KKW Fragrances are finally here after weeks of being teased. The launch comes just months after the social media star launched and immediately sold out of her contouring products through her beauty business, KKW Beauty. You might be wondering if the limited edition KKW Fragrances are sold out already. The short answer is no, and there's a few reason why these items are sticking around longer than her makeup products did.

Kardashian has been teasing her three new fragrances all over social media for the past month, but now you can officially get your KKW-loving hands all over them. The three new perfumes — Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud, and Crystal Gardenia Citrus — hit the website on Nov. 15 at 1 p.m. EST/ 10 a.m. PST. But so far they haven't been breaking the internet.

Despite the fact that these are all limited edition fragrances, they are still around to purchase as of Nov. 15 at 2:30 p.m. EST. The only product not available is the Crystal Gardenia Oud in the 35ml size. But there's no telling how long the other scents will be around.

According to her interview, Kardashian created the fragrances after her favorite flowers and crystals that helped her heal after her October 2016 Paris robbery. “It all started when everyone would come over and bring me healing crystals at a time in my life where I needed some healing,” Kardashian said in the PeopleStyle interview.

Even with the harrowing backstory, the products are not flying off the virtual shelves just yet. There are a few reason why this could be.

First of all, all of the KKW Fragrances come in two different sizes — 75 ml and 35 ml. That likely means that there are more in stock than, say, a bunch of the same contour palettes.

Probably the biggest reason of all though is that they are fragrances. Perfume is a personal thing, and many people choose to test them out before they buy them. Especially if they are shelling out $35 or $60 on a bottle. According to Twitter, a lot of people are waiting to see what their friends think of the fragrances before they buy their own.

Because all three scents are limited edition, there's a possibility that the scent won't be around when people are ready to buy. That seems to be a tactic of both Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who both amp up their limited edition products to the point where people buy on impulse.

The only difference with the KKW Fragrance launch is that there will not be another restock.

Lastly, the shipping rates on the KKW Fragrance are high, according to Twitter. While the brand does ship internationally, people on Twitter are saying that they are being charged an additional $16 to ship to their global location.

Twitter reactions about the launch are all over the place, but they show why this isn't the bestselling product that KKW Beauty seemed to be. While some people are just excited to get their hands on the limited edition items, others are quick to say why they won't be buying.

Some people just aren't willing to take the $60 gamble to find out whether or not they like the product.

Others are having a real treat yo'self moment with the launch.

That's a lot of extra euros, my friend.

Signed, sealed, and (almost) delivered!

There's just no way to know how all the notes smell all combined.

Some people are congratulating Kardashian on the launch without even knowing if it's good or not.

Fingers crossed.

Bottom line: If the Kardashians build it, people will come.