This 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Could Mean There Are Dragon Eggs In The Crypts Of Winterfell

Season 8 of Game of Thrones hasn't been kind to Daenerys' dragons. Ice Viserion is destroyed when Arya kills the Night King, and Rhaegal is killed by Euron's Scorpions, leaving only Drogon to protect his mother against Cersei's forces. But now fans are wondering if there could be more dragon eggs in the Winterfell crypts, because one dragon alone in the world is too sad to contemplate.

Of all the places in Westeros to find dragon eggs, Winterfell's crypts seems the most unlikely. After all, the Starks are far more fond of direwolves and the cold than they are of dragons and fire. However, there's a solid reason why this theory is making the rounds. As pointed out by Inverse, George R.R. Martin's Westeros history books The World of Ice and Fire and Fire and Blood include testimonies from a dwarf named Mushroom who was a court jester during the Targaryen reign. He claims that one of the Targaryen's dragons named Vermax laid eggs in the crypts. Not to immediately discredit the guy, but his stories tend toward the salacious on the whole, so it's unclear how reliable he is, but it's certainly an interesting idea that could provide a way for dragons to continue to roam the skies for centuries to come.

If there are eggs in the crypts, now would be the perfect time for them to be discovered. After all, the crypts were recently cracked open thanks to the Night King reanimating the dead. That means Sansa's probably going to send someone down there to clean things up, so if there are any potential baby dragons to be found, they likely will be.

Still, there are a couple of problems with this theory. The first is that the eggs aren't just going to hatch on their own. In Season 1, Daenerys hatches her dragons with a bit of blood magic and fire. That's a pretty high cost, and it's probably not one either Jon Snow or Sansa would be willing to pay just to preserve the future of dragons — especially since these are dangerous creatures that could be weaponized against the people of Westeros or just burn them all because they're hungry.

Secondly, from a narrative standpoint, baby dragons wouldn't be any use to Daenerys in her battle against Cersei. Finding eggs at this late stage in the game wouldn't do her much good. (The theory that Drogon could have laid eggs while he was missing in Season 5 feels more plausible.) The only real reason to introduce Mushroom's rumors at this point would be to give fans hope that if Drogon falls, there's a chance that one day dragons could rise again. That would be a bittersweet footnote for the series to end on, but it's not something that would immediately change the game in terms of the Battle of King's Landing.

The idea that a cache of dragon eggs could be waiting for discovery in Winterfell's crypts is tantalizing for what it represents: a world where these creatures will endure, no matter who wins the Iron Throne. But from a practical standpoint, the introduction of dragon eggs — at least ones that happen to be in Winterfell — this late in the game seems unlikely at best. But if Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal taught Westeros anything, it's that underestimating the resilience of dragons is always a bad idea.