‘Game Of Thrones’ Could Have *More* Dragons & The Clues Are Everywhere In The Latest Photos


For those fans looking for clues that there are more dragons in Game Of Thrones than we first knew, look no further than the photos HBO just released for the final penultimate episode of the series. Specifically, look at Euron's shocked face as he stares up towards the sky, a sign that Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragon might be adding more to her brood. And these additional dragons that could make their debut in the next episode could be the deciding factor in the Battle of King's Landing.

In the newly released photos from GoT Season 8 Episode 5, Euron, who already took out Rhaegal, one of the two dragons Dany had left, looks quite concerned. The fact that his gaze is pointed towards the sky feels like a clue that Khaleesi's dragon(s) are going to play a major role in her fight against Cersei. Not to mention, it would confirm the fan theory that Daenerys has more dragons.

For the last eight seasons, Dany has only had three dragons in her possession, which were believed to be the first in nearly 3,000 years. In fact, those in the Seven Kingdoms believed dragons were extinct until Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon came on the scene. But, fans wonder if it's possible that there are more eggs hidden in the mysterious Shadowlands where Dany's dragon eggs supposedly came from,. This is according to the person who gave her those eggs, Illyrio Mopatis, her host and benefactor in Pentos, who helped arrange her marriage to Khal Drogo. So, is it possible there could be more dragon eggs there?


Well, that's a good question, but no one has gone there to see. Right now, Dany is at Dragonstone getting ready for battle — and mourning by the looks of these photos — so it's unlikely that she'll have time to go there to check it out for herself. She's on a mission to enact some serious revenge on Cersei after she killed Missandei.

But those Shadowlands are rather close to the continent of Essos, which happens to be the home of the Golden Company, the sellswords who Cersei hired to help in this battle. And what do you know, they just happen to be in town. Now, this mercenary army is known for never breaking a contract, but is it possible that the Golden Company and it's leader Harry Strickland will betray Cersei?

The fact that Harry Strickland got his own Episode 5 photo is a sign he could be integral to this episode. Perhaps, he brought a few dragon eggs with him, which means his loyalty is up for sale. After all, who would want to be on the side that doesn't have dragons?


As of now, both Khaleesi and Queen Cersei's best chances of winning this battle is to use their firepower, quite literally. Even if that power could end up destroying King's Landing for good. For Cersei, her secret weapons is wildfire, which took out The High Sparrow, Loras, and Margaery Tyrell in one full swoop and could do the same to Daenerys' army.

But, Dany could also take out King's Landing with her dragon and it would be even easier with multiple dragons on her side. Reddit already has a theory that Daenerys will burn down King's Landing based on her vision of the Iron Throne in Season 2.


Turns out, though, we might have misread that vision. While it looked like King's Landing was covered in snow, it's possible it was actually ash that Dany was walking through, a sign of the destruction she will leave behind. This includes her wishes to be on the Iron Throne.

The Redditor tomlinboo pointed out, it's possible in the end the "only person left standing is Dany as she remains unburnt, left to rule over nothing but the ashes." Oh, and maybe a few more dragons.