Yamen & Aissata Are Back In The States & Ready To Date After 'Love Island'

Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment

With Love Island boiling down to the final couples at the end of this whirlwind competition, it's time to see if life outside the villa is as romantic for these pairs as their televised beginnings. For now, it seems like Yamen and Aissata are still together after Love Island and giving their relationship a shot. America may not approve, but our opinion doesn't matter anymore.

Yamen faced a lot of backlash from fans after the way he dumped Alanna from the Island — and while that situation wasn't ideal, Aissata never really had a fair chance to win over fans because of it. No matter how good the relationship she and Yamen built on Love Island got to be, fans stayed bitter. They were doomed from the start. Hopefully, these two will be able to have a fresh shot away from fan polls in the real world.

"YAH BOY IS BACK STATESIDE AND HAPPY TO BE BACK IN LOS ANGELES," Yamen said on Instagram over the weekend. "I came into the villa with an open mind and heart in hopes of making lots of new best friends and finding a special connection. I definitely feel that I am leaving the villa with those connections and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Happy that Aissata Diallo and I have left together and we can’t wait to see where things go." Sorry, #TeamAlanna, but she and Yamen just weren't meant to be.

Along with a lot of thanks, Yamen added "furthermore, I am hoping that my presence sparked inspiration, smiles, positivity, and the will to ALWAYS truly follow your heart and that YOU ALWAYS hold the power to chose and pursue YOUR OWN happiness... as those are always my goals with this crazy rollercoaster ride we call life. Lastly, this is just the beginning of the journey, you definitely haven’t seen the end of me lol, can’t wait to kick it with everyone outside of the villa!. STAY TUNED!!!"

Just hours after Yamen's return to social media, he posted a celebratory video of him popping champagne and reiterating that he'd left the villa with "hella new best friends and a deep connection" — so for those of you who were 'shipping him and Aissata, that is extremely good news! While they live on opposite coasts, they're definitely at least willing to give it a shot.

Speaking of the other half of this "doomed" duo, Aissata also took to the 'gram for a Love Island postmortem:

"Although I feel like America knows nothing," Aissata began with a laugh/cry emoji, "I am still thankful for this experience. At the end of the day, I remained true to myself and my values. As a result, I did make amazing and genuine connections with every single person in that villa and I cannot wait for all of us to link in a few days. In other news, I am happy to be leaving with Yamen Sanders, and now he can take me on that date he’s been chatting about."

Yay! They may not have gone on to be a final couple, but at least they have each other. To be frank, their elimination was not about them at all, but hey — that's Love Island! You have to win over the audience too, not just each other. What's important is that Yamen and Aissata both feel as though they were genuine, true to themselves, and left the villa with not only their dignity, but some possibility of a real future.