Ariana Grande Ditched Her Ponytail & Tried Lady Gaga's Free-Flowing Hairstyle Instead

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga seem to be switching places — at least when it comes to their go-to beauty looks. The pair teamed up this week to release a new single “Rain on Me” and the music video has just dropped. In the visual, it seems as though they’ve morphed into different versions of one another.

The clip opens with Gaga, lying on a stage in the pouring rain in a bright pink latex bodysuit and over-the-knee boots. Her hair is pink, cascading down from a messy middle part with bangs. Grande then appears in her signature mini skirt and high ponytail. Nearly two minutes into the video, however, the tables quite literally turn.

The screen is flipped upside-down and both singers stand side-by-side, singing and dancing with their back-ups. Grande now has long, free hair, while Gaga has adapted Grande’s iconic high-ponytail.

Twitter has predictably gone wild over the transformations. One user wrote, “gaga representing ari and ari representing gaga.” Another shared, “they literally transformed into each other.”

Could this be a new partnership in the making? They surely look like sisters, so says their gigantic fan base. Watch the full video below and you be the judge.