Ariana Grande Just Wore Her Hair Down In A Retro '60s Style

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande's high ponytail is almost as famous as the artist herself. While the swinging pony is Grande's trademark look, every so often she switches her hair up, much to the obsession of fans. Which is why her following went into a frenzy when Ariana Grande wore a '60s-inspired hairstyle on her Instagram. The star never wore her hair in that particular way before, and she looked completely different.

The hairstyle wasn't worn on a casual Thursday at home, but was a behind the scenes glimpse of an upcoming video. Grande posted a snap of her look onto Instagram, captioning the picture, "I even wear @givenchyofficial in my videos." Grande was announced as the newest face of Givenchy in May, and her debut campaign for the house's Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection dropped just this July.

In the photo, Grande is wearing a tulle tutu dress with lots of volume, and she accented the girly aesthetic with Mod-inspired hair. Her hair was swept up into a center part, with long face-framing layers curling on either side. She wore a black silk headband, and the back of her hair was teased into a bump a la Brigitte Bardot.

The genius behind the retro hairstyle was Grande's long-term hairstylist, Josh Liu.

Liu is the stylist behind many of Grande's ponytail looks, concert styles, and red carpet coifs. Most recently, Liu was on the 2017 international Dangerous Woman Tour, where he worked with Grande as her hairstylist.

Fans, of course, loved the look and flooded the comments with their praise. "This hair is everything!!" one follower said. "I’LL PASS OUT RIGHT NOW," another fan promised.

While it's uncertain what kind of video this photo was taken during, people have some theories. Some followers wondered if this was an ad for an upcoming fragrance drop, while others speculated if it could be a scene from an upcoming music video.

Grande tagged Hannah Lux Davis in the photo, which means it could possibly be a still from an upcoming music video. Davis is a music director who has worked for celebrities like Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato. But most recently she directed a slew of Grande's videos for her Sweetener album. Most notably, Davis directed "Thank U, Next", "7 Rings," and "Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored."

While this new retro hairstyle is a new one for Grande, the artist has been known to let her hair down a few times these last couple of months. Most recently in June, Grande performed with her hair down during her Chicago stop for the Sweetener/Thank U, Next tour. Grande first teased the hairstyle on Instagram Stories, where she debuted straight, center-parted hair accessorized with sparkly hair clips. She then went on stage rocking a similar look.

Fans reacted similarly to the loose hairstyle as they did to Grande's Mod-inspired look. They freaked out. "Ariana is performing with her hair down this is not a drill," one concert goer tweeted.

From Swinging '60s headband styles to pin-straight center parts, Grande's hair is always newsworthy.