Arie's Response To A 'Bachelor' Instagram Video Shading Him Is EPIC

In a showing of ultimate shade, ABC's Bachelor-dedicated Instagram account implied — through a mash-up of clips, including one with serious side-eye from host Chris Harrison — that Arie had said "I love you" to three different women over the course of this season. Arie responded to the Bachelor Instagram video in the comments, and, well, he kind of has a point.

Following the previous night's episode and The Bachelor's Women Tell All special, ABC put together a short video montage via Instagram on Feb. 26, titled "Overheard on The Bachelor, 'I love you.' (x3)." The caption for the video read, "It’s like Arie didn’t watch Ben’s season," alongside an eye-roll emoji. This is in reference to Season 20, wherein Bachelor Nation lost their collective mind after Ben Higgins told two of the three final women that he loved them — something that no Bachelor had ever done before, according to E! News.

Arie was quick to respond to the implication in the comments of the video, alleging that he did not, in fact, say "I love you" to the three final women. "First the editing dept. and now the social account?" he wrote. "What's with the shade @bachelorabc?! Oh and FYI I didn't say I love you to 3 women, listen to your own clip!" Arie is not pulling punches here.

To be fair, he's not wrong. Set to some serene solo piano that abruptly ends with Chris Harrison's side-eye clip, the video shows Arie in separate scenes with each of three final women: Becca, Kendall, and Lauren B. Arie's with Kendall in the first clip: He gently cups her face in his hands, strokes her cheek with his thumb, looks longingly into her eyes, and says, "I'm falling for you." *RECORD SCRATCH* Come on, ABC! Not off to a good start. The man definitely did not say "I love you" in that clip. Get it together.

In the next clip, Arie plainly shrugs, "I love you," to Lauren B., which gets him a teary-eyed, tight-lipped acknowledgement nod. ABC gets the point on that one, obviously. That leaves us with Arie and Becca in the third clip, wherein he again goes for the cup-the-face/stroke-the-cheek combo, leans in real close and says... wait for it... "I love you." Another point for ABC.

Two out of three ain't bad, but it definitely doesn't make ABC's Insta-accusation true. Arie's statement still stands — he did not say "I love you" to all three women...yet. Can't blame the guy for calling them out on it, either. Especially considering the Chris Harrison side-eye clip at the end, which remains endlessly hilarious, even in light of the video's inaccuracy. Never change, Chris Harrison. Never change.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Arie's sassy side come out on social media. He really let 'em rip with some tweets about The Bachelor's Women Tell All on Feb. 25. In response to his absurdly excessive use of "wow" and "I love that" over the course of the season, Arie tweeted, "LOOK EVERYONE I CAN SPEAK IN FULL SENTENCES, INCREDIBLE!"

Arie also shared a screenshot from the special that shows all of the eliminated women with mouths agape in shock, and wrote,

"Bachelor in Paradise auditions wait I mean 'Women Tell All.' Tune in tonight, good old fashioned drama." Burn! He completed the tweet with a barrage of hashtags, including, "#TheBachelor #Kristaaaaaaaaal#Glamshame#Bloopers#MissingKids#YouKnowWhatYouDid."

OK, you have to admit that's pretty funny. But why haven't we seen Sassy Arie on screen this season? More of that guy, please.

It's probably safe to assume that the rest of this season is going to be pretty sentimental from here on out, so viewers at home will just have to suffice with seeing Arie's sassy side on social media.