Arie & Lauren B.’s Love Came Out Of Nowhere & Twitter Can’t Deal


As Chris Harrison would say, Monday's Bachelor episode was "the most dramatic of the season" and there wasn't even a rose ceremony. There was so much to react to, including Lauren B. and Arie saying they were falling in love with each other. But that wasn't the only think that went down. After many yawn-inducing episodes this season, tweets from Week 7 of Arie's Bachelor season prove that the viewers were shocked many times throughout the show. And it was about time.

To start, Jacqueline sent herself home even though she made out with Arie mid-breakup, which was very confusing to process. He was into her. She was into him, but she seemed the most heartbroken to be leaving her new friends. Also, Becca and Arie finally got time together after she had the first 1-on-1 date at the start of the season and it went well. There was no drama, but she did compliment Arie for his traveling abilities... even though he did not make any of the plans the entire season.

Seinne and Arie's date seemed like it was going well, but she did not get the rose and was sent home. This meant that there were two roses up for grabs during the group date with Kendall, Bekah, and Tia. Kendall got the first one, which ended up making perfect sense there was some drama between Tia and Kendall that just had to be featured. Tia told Arie (and Bekah) that Bekah was not ready for a serious relationship because of her "experience" (basically, her age) and the tension was palpable. After weeks of off the charts chemistry, Arie sent Bekah home alone instead of going with her to meet her family.

The most surprising, though, was after a rocky 1-on-1 date last week, Lauren got a solo date two weeks in a row and things really took a turn. Just like her first date, there was some awkwardness during this date, as well. Lauren confessed that she was "falling in love" with Arie and he got up from the table before responding. Then he came back, admitted he had nerves, and told Lauren that he was "falling deeply in love" with her, too. Clearly, there's some missing footage from the progression of this relationship, as fans pointed out.

It felt like the longest episode ever, but this time it was because there were so many twists and turns — not because it was boring. Fans could not help but react to the surprising moments on Twitter.

1. Jacqueline Dumped Arie

It was sad knowing that Jacqueline would not be on the show again until the Women Tell All special, but it was hard not to support her during their breakup.

2. Jacqueline Made Out With Arie Mid-Breakup

That sequence of events was just so confusing. Jacqueline skipped a date opportunity to dump Arie and made out with him in the middle of it.

3. Jacqueline Leaving Kendall Was More Emotional Than Jacqueline Leaving Arie

Kendall and Jacqueline's tearful goodbye was one of the saddest moments of the season.

4. Lauren Got A Solo Date Two Weeks In A Row

Did Lauren's tearful meltdown after the last rose ceremony have an impact on her back-to-back dates.

5. Arie Walked Away After Lauren Dropped The "L" Bomb

Is Arie ever going to explain why he got up from the table after Lauren confessed her love for him? There has to be a logical reason for doing that, right?

6. Arie Panicked As Soon As Lauren Opened Up

Arie had been trying his hardest to move forward with Lauren, she got personal, and then... he just left? That's not a great reaction in general, let alone to someone who is admittedly shy.

7. Arie Was "Falling Deeply In Love" With Lauren

Wait. What? Arie didn't even go on hometown dates yet. Isn't it a little early to admit he's falling in love, let alone "deep love."

8. Arie & Lauren's Love Came Out Of Nowhere

Well, that escalated very quickly.

9. Is There Lost Footage Of Arie & Lauren's Relationship?

What is up with the editing here? There just has to be a lot of film on the cutting room floor. Why are the viewers being subjected to awkward silences if there's actually a strong connection brewing here?

10. Arie & Lauren's Connection Seems So Random

What is going on? Where did this strong connection come from?

11. Maybe Arie Still Misses Emily

Lauren B. really does give some strong Emily Maynard vibes in the looks department.

12. Sienne Got Eliminated

How did this happen? It was going so well with Sienne and Arie.

13. Kendall Got The First Group Date Rose

This wasn't shocking because Kendall didn't deserve it, but Kendall hasn't even had a solo date, so she was (unfortunately) a dark horse against Bekah and Tia.

14. Tia Channeled Her Inner Krystal

Noooooooo. Why, Tia? Do not talk about someone else on a date. It is not a good look. Ever.

15. Tia Continued Talking About Bekah

She didn't just do this once. Unfortunately, Bekah's name was in Tia's mouth for most of this episode.

16. Tia Became "That Girl"

There are so many great things to say about Tia and her connection with Arie, why did she have to talk about Bekah? It was unnecessary and a little disappointing.

17. Bekah Lucked Out

It was tough seeing Bekah cry, but she's going to be just fine. Arie didn't fall in love with her, but everyone else has.

18. Bekah Needs To Go On Bachelor In Paradise

This cannot be the end of her Bachelor "journey." She needs to go on BiP.

After many episodes of going through the motions and watching Arie grab faces to make-out mid-conversation, there were a lot of surprises during the latest episode episode. There is finally a lot of excitement and some unbelievable momentum going into the hometown dates.