Arie's 'Bachelor' Two-On-One Date Had A Shocking Elimination


The dreaded (well, if you’re a contestant) two-on-one date is here on The Bachelor! Arie’s season is breaking out the big guns kind of early, if you ask me, but here we are. And Krystal went home on The Bachelor. Her hubris was just not enough to sustain her or save her from the chopping block, and Arie opted to let her go. It did not go well, at least from Krystal’s side. She was not happy.

The two-on-one is the date that every contestant fears and every viewer loves. It’s a Bachelor tradition, usually saved for the most polarizing (read: most hated) contestants. Krystal certainly fit that bill this season. She’s done everything to make everyone on the cast of The Bachelor hate her — she’s interrupted everyone in their time with Arie; she’s told them basically not to try because she and Arie are a thing; she’s hidden away in hotel rooms so Arie would come talk to her; and she’s cried. Oh, she’s cried. Krystal won herself no friends, and that’s how she ended up in the two-on-one. Kendall was the other member of the two-on-one date, just by numbers. Actually, I feel like she was left out of the group date and the one-on-ones and the producers were like, “Welp, sorry, Kendall. You're fun and quirky, here we go."

The best part of the date, though, was when Krystal was all, "LOL why are you here" to Kendall, and Kendall just refused to engage with her. Kendall's not here to have a girl fight so typical of other two-on-one dates. She's just here for Arie, but she's not gonna be mean about it, you know? "Saying the thing that's the most hurtful doesn't mean you win," Kendall told Krystal. "It just means you hurt somebody ... I feel like you have so much beauty in you. You've been through so much ... And it feels very controlled. I don't think you should try to control it." Krystal was trying to pick a fight, and Kendall was trying to give a pep talk. Not on the same page. At all.

Ultimately, Arie wasn't here for Krystal's mind games, and Krystal, hubris-maker that she is, was so completely shocked that she got sent home. Her goodbye interview went a little something like this:

"I'm floored. I'm just floored. I'm so confused, because I feel like I just gave him love. I just feel abandoned. I question does Arie want, like a strong, confident woman? Or someone a little more timid that needs him? ... I was weak, and I'm never weak. It hurts to not feel good enough... I really want [love]. I yearn. I just want to feel accepted and good enough. I feel like I have so much love to give."

While I feel for Krystal on being sent home and feeling like she isn't good enough, it was a long time coming. Heck, the women who were still on the show popped some bottles when they found out that Krystal had been eliminated. I'm sure that didn't feel good to watch back. Krystal came on way too strong, and it didn't end well for her.

Now that Krystal is home, maybe she can take some time to work on herself. She's a smart, beautiful, successful woman that doesn't need to put on airs in order to get people to like her. She seems kindhearted, and she can definitely find the love of her life — let's just not do it on national television next time, eh? It may not be the best place for her to find love.