14 ‘Bachelor’ Alums Who Were Just As Mad About Arie’s 'Bachelor’ Finale As You Were

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Paul Hebert

After a whole season of being deemed a "boring" Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. turned that around during the finale episode — and not in a good way. There was an outrage on Twitter after Arie broke up with Becca Kufrin in front of a camera crew. Even Bachelor alums tweeted about their disappointment in Arie. They couldn't help it. It was just way too brutal.

Becca was so happy when she and Arie got engaged in Peru. They even joked about having babies immediately following the proposal. Then, the show let us in to those "happy couple visits" with Arie and Becca laying in a hammock and making a pizza together while they enjoyed their relationship. Why would they show that when they never have before?

Well, it was to lead into another visit: the one where Arie broke up with Becca so he could pursue runner-up Lauren Burham. He even told her, "The more I hung out with you, the more I was losing the possibility of reconciling with Lauren." Well, yes that's what happens in a relationship. And no, they were not "hanging out." They were engaged, Arie. ENGAGED. Big difference.

The camaraderie that comes with being in the same reality TV franchise went out the window. Bachelor alums went in on Arie and did not hold back with their live Twitter reactions.


The Shock Value Wasn't Worth It

This finale was highly hyped as "shocking" and a "first" in the Bachelor franchise, but it was humiliating to Becca. Was it worth filming it? It was beyond uncomfortable to watch.


Why Did Arie Stick Around Post-Breakup?

Arie broke up with Becca and completely blindsided her in front of a camera crew. On top of that, he constantly looked for reassurance throughout the entire breakup and followed her around. He just kept making the situation worse.


It Shouldn't Have Been Filmed

Why couldn't they just break up in private and discuss their split on After The Final Rose? Becca deserved way more than that.


The Short-Term Engagement Wasn't Worth It

Why would he make such a big commitment if he was so unsure? Maybe he should have just pulled a Dean Unglert and given Becca a house key instead?


It's Tough To Get Over The Camera Crew

It's just so hard to get past the fact that Arie wouldn't do this in private. Plus, it just dragged on and on.


Why Couldn't He Just Leave The House?

Becca asked Arie to leave and he just wouldn't. It was so uncomfortable watching him chase her around the house when she just wanted to cry in peace without a camera crew and a shady ex-fiancé in her way.


What Did Arie Want From Becca?

Arie couldn't just let Becca mourn their relationship in peace. He kept staring at her even though he is the one who requested to talk with her.


Why Couldn't He Just Say Something To Becca?

If Arie was going to linger, why didn't he at least make it worthwhile and actually say something of substance?


He Made Dean Look Good

Arie's change of heart and messy breakup makes Dean's love triangle with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard look a lot better.


It Was Hard To Watch & Hard To Turn Away From

This shouldn't have been filmed, but it's doubtful that anyone changed the channel during this unedited breakup.


Why Didn't He Learn From Jason Mesnick?

Arie isn't the first Bachelor lead to change his mind. If he did some research he could have learned from Jason Mesnick's on-camera breakup.


He Was Just Too Much

Arie told Lauren "I love you" after they broke up and minutes before he was about to propose to Becca. He went from contributing the least he possibly could this season to doing way too much.


Becca "Dodged A Bullet"

Clearly, Becca is better off. Way better off.


Why Was He Staring At Becca?

Why did he stay if he was just going to stare at her the whole time? Arie managed to take up yet an other hour of our lives just staring and not actually saying anything.

If former Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and contestants can't sympathize with Arie and are downright disappointed in him, then he definitely is in the running for the worst Bachelor in franchise history.