18 Tweets About Arie Choosing His Final 3 That Say Exactly What You Were Thinking

For the most part, Monday night's Bachelor episode was pretty standard for the hometown dates. The lead met all four families, one "tough" person from each family grilled him, and they women were all shown talking about "falling for" him, but tweets from Week 8 of Arie's Bachelor season show fans were shocked by the rose ceremony. Yes, everyone knew that someone had to go home and every woman (technically) had a 25 percent chance of leaving, but it was still so shocking, somehow.

Maybe it was in juxtaposition to a somewhat boring episode (or season) that caught people off guard, but that ending was just gut-wrenching. It was tough not to get vicariously nervous watching Becca, Lauren, Kendall, and Tia standing there (for what felt like forever) hoping to receive a rose from Arie.

Arie pulled Kendall aside (which just elongated the suspense), but to make matters worse, they were sitting in front of a window, so Tia, Becca, and Lauren could see them talking without hearing the dialogue. Arie questioned Kendall about her readiness for marriage, and Kendall admitted that she wasn't quite there, but that she just wasn't ready for their "relationship" to end. The writing was on the wall for Kendall to go home. They even showed Tia questioning Arie and Kendall's connection, saying over and over that it "makes the most sense" for him to pick her, Lauren, and Becca for his final three.

When Tia got sent home, it was just shocking. She was caught off guard. The viewers were caught off guard. Even Kendall seemed a little surprised to get a rose from Arie.

No matter who you were rooting for, the way that rose ceremony went down was unexpected. And fans had a lot to say about it.

1. The Rose Ceremony Started So Early

When the women lined up for the rose ceremony at 9:35 p.m., it was clear that this was not going to be a cut and dry situation. A 25-minute rose ceremony is way too much.

2. These Ladies Have Girls Have Good Taste... In Dresses

It's a little tough to see the connections between the women and Arie, but at least they have good taste in fashion. The dresses were at least four solid decisions made during the last episode.

3. Was Tia Sending Subliminal Messages With That Outfit?

Tia really demonstrated her determination to get that final rose with her white dress. Was she intentionally trying to send some bride vibes in Arie's direction?

4. Why Was Arie So Tan?

Was there a sunbathing portion of the hometown dates that didn't make the episode? Did the makeup department add bronzer this time? Why was he so tan? It was just so distracting, especially when that rose ceremony took up 25 minutes of the episode.

5. Did Arie Really Walk Out Of The Room AGAIN?

Why does Arie have a tendency to leave room at critical moments and why are the women putting up with it?

6. Tia Talking About Another Contestant (Again)

Here we go, another clip of Tia trash talking a contestant who just left the room. Was she really the only one talking about Kendall or was Becca and Lauren's commentary cut from the episode?

7. This Rose Ceremony Was More Complicated Than It Needed To Be

What was going on? Couldn't Chris Harrison step in for guidance at some point? If it was so nerve-racking watching at home, it had to be a million times worse standing there in person.

8. Kendall Doesn't Want To Get Engaged, But Doesn't Want To End Their Relationship

Did Kendall really admit that she wants to keep this relationship, but doesn't necessarily want to get engaged? Good for her keeping it real, but that is a major risk to take while there's a rose at risk and there's three other women hoping for a proposal.

9. There Was A Wide Range Of Emotions

This really was the most dramatic rose ceremony yet. The tension was palpable, even watching from the couch at home.

10. Why Is Arie Struggling So Much With This Decision?

After a season full of "Oh my gawd" and "I love that," Arie suddenly had a ton of emotions to work through. Nevertheless, shouldn't he be confident in his decisions at this point in the season? What was with that time out?

11. Arie Tried So Hard To Push That Conversation With Kendall

Arie was pushing Kendall to say what he wanted to hear, but it just felt like something was lost in translation.

12. Kendall Doesn't Want To Get Engaged, But She Got A Rose

It seemed like it was Kendall's turn to cry in the back of a limo, but Arie still kept her around even though they have different end goals for this "journey."

13. Kendall Refused To Say She Was Ready For Marriage

Kendall refused to give in to pressure and just say what was wanted or expected from her at this point in the season. This is a woman who stuffs dead animals to prolong their presence in her life, why is anyone surprised that she's creating her own time table when it comes to a relationship?

14. Kendall Got That Final Rose

That was seriously shocking. No matter who you were rooting for, it really felt like Kendall was on her way out of the mansion.

15. Tia's Dad Went Straight To Google After That Episode

Tia's dad told Arie he could find him on Google during his hometown date, so there's no doubt he was blowing up the search engine watching that rose ceremony.

16. Could Tia Be The Next Bachelorette?

Love her or not, it was easy to sympathize with Tia after that breakup, but then again, this could be the perfect lead-in for the next Bachelorette season.

17. Tia's Sadness Was So Difficult To Watch

That sadness was so real. Almost everyone watching at home wanted to comfort Tia.

18. Tia Asked About What She Did Wrong

This Tia breakup was very reminiscent of Peter's goodbye on The Bachelorette last season. She was so hard on herself and it was tough to watch.

Thank goodness there's a whole week in between rose ceremonies. There was just too much shock to process during the eighth rose ceremony of the season.