Ashley Graham Just Made Cropped Turtlenecks One Of 2018's First Fashion Trends

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It's looks like one of 2018's first fashion trends has asserted itself and it's happening courtesy of a supermodel. The always head-turning Ashley Graham rocked two cropped tops recently. Both were super unique and awesomely unusual — and Graham has created the cropped turtleneck trend.

Neither "crop top" extended much past her breasts but both covered her neck. Therefore, they functioned almost like necklaces when layered with their respective outfit. Graham looked absolutely magnificent and she may inspire you to start hacking up a sweater. You might also find yourself playing with how you style crop tops, too.

One of Graham's outfits boasted a latex turtleneck that looked like a bodysuit. Latex is certainly a heat conducting material and can be quite restrictive. Still, Graham paired the rosy and stretchy turtleneck with a Fleur du Mal dusty pink satin trench that was loose and lovely. It could double as either a coat and a robe. If pajamas can be outerwear, so can robes.

It was a seriously fashion-forward presentation that Graham slayed. The soft shade popped against her olive skin and chocolate-colored curls.

The concept of a latex turtleneck might seem curious on paper. But the IRL execution proves it's both sexy and daring.

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While Graham's cleavage was covered up, the slit in her long shirtdress showed some serious leg. She straight up smoldered in this ensemble.

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The contrast of the silky sheen and the matte-look latex totally worked. That's because it was an unexpected pairing. The fact that the latex is a mauve-toned shade also lent an element of softness to the fabric. Graham's lips were also the same color as her turtleneck. She was monochromatic — without being too matchy matchy.

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The other look was warm and fuzzy. In a post on her personal Instagram, Graham said that her "girls" aka her boobs didn't want to be contained or covered up by a sweater. That suggested that she or her stylist found a solution by altering how she wore the top. PopSugar noted that the sweater is by Naked Wardrobe and looked updated.

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It doesn't look like she used scissors and amended the top. If she did, the ends would have been frayed. The material would have been left with snags or loose threads. Graham appeared to have pushed the top up a little higher so as not to cover her breasts, or she tucked the hem of the sweater under itself. It's not quite clear. The only thing that is obvious is the fact that Graham added a cropped turtleneck touch to her curve-hugging, beige frock.

You cannot argue with the result. It's a sexy presentation and it allowed her boobs to breathe. As someone who hovers between a DD and an E cup, this is a very real issue when getting dressed. There are times when you have to almost ad lib your outfits in order to make them work for your body. That's just what Graham did.

Up To My Neck Cropped Sweater, $36, Naked Wardrobe

Here's the sweater that Graham wore. While this is a perfectly awesome way to wear the top, Graham's improvisation gave it a fresh and fun feel. Wearing it above her breasts turned it into a knitted accessory.

Fans were vocal about how much they loved the model's look in the comments section of the "Insta-Graham" post. Graham certainly wore the dress and the cropped turtleneck with the confidence for which she has become known.

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A. Graham is not only a source of inspo for all women. She is also a fashion trendsetter. We look forward to seeing her further set the sartorial tone through 2018.