Ashley Graham's Miss Universe 2017 Gowns Are Next Level

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ashley Graham has become somewhat of a mainstay on the pageant circuit, and I'm kind of thrilled about it. After co-hosting last year with seasoned host Steve Harvey, Graham was back at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, once again playing the role of co-host, backstage interviewer, and all around gorgeous lady.

I was expecting her to give the actual contestants a run for their money with her own take on pageant-worthy gowns. And I was totally right. Graham graced the red carpet and went backstage with her glamorous self, and even made several outfit changes throughout the night. This was similar to last year's show, where Graham had not one, not two, but three separate wardrobe changes.

The first was her black and gold red carpet look —which was pretty much to die for, btw — and side swept hair. Her second gown was a very feminine, off-the-shoulder number, in a lovely shade of cobalt blue. And her final look of the evening was a slinky, sequined black dress, which she wore to chat with contestants back stage.

For this year's show, the supermodel, who is well-known for her body positivity and activism in the modeling world, made it clear she wasn't just there to host, or to wear a pretty gown or two. In an interview with Fox News leading up to Sunday night's show, she spoke about how she hoped her mere presence at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant would help expand the definition of beauty, by representing her "different" body type.

In a competition where a smaller size is often considered ideal, Graham told Fox she hoped to rock it for the curvy girls. She also spoke about how she'd love to see a curvier girl actually win the title. "If you can see a curvy girl on the cover of Sports Illustrated or Vogue, then we can definitely see a curvy girl as Miss Universe," she said. Of course, we all know Graham was the first plus-sized model to grace those 'zines, so she knows what she's talking about.

If her goal was to represent a different body type, she obviously did so just by showing up with her bad self. But I think we can all agree she looked super, extra glam doing it. Check out these photos...

Before the show, Graham kicked off the night by getting ready in an old Hollywood-style dressing room, complete with mirror lights and red lipstick hearts. Love the robe.

Later on, the model was spotted in something similar to a certain sparkling number we saw last year, but this time her gown was a deep shade of emerald green. The sequins shined as she did interviews during the beginning of the show, along with Carson Kressley and Lu Sierra. And her long flowing locks? Amazing.

After the green sequin gown, Graham stepped out in this red dress, which featured a thick collar and off-the-shoulder strappy sleeves. I kind of loved this look, but I also loved how much fun Graham was having with her interviews backstage.

For her third wardrobe change, we got to see a stunning white lace gown — which she also wore to walk the red carpet before the show. It had a beautiful high neck and long sleeves. She wore her hair down for the carpet, and then pulled it up later on in the night to create this simple, chic look.

And, for the fourth and final look of the evening, Graham came out once again in a long-sleeved gown, this time in a sultry slate gray. And everyone kind of died.

Do you have a fav from the night? Personally, I can't choose. Each one of Graham's gowns proved the model knows how to serve up some style.