Ashley Graham's Latest Instagram Shades Victoria's Secret For An Important Reason

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With the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show right around the corner, fans are obsessing over all things Angels on social media. But there's one post that's a little bit different. Plus-size model Ashley Graham posted a photo of herself in wings on Instagram, a move that seemed target the iconic fashion show's lack of size inclusion. But Graham's take on the winged runway attire proved that all bodies look great in the Victoria's Secret signature look.

This year will mark 22 years since the first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Since then, the brand has had exactly zero plus size models walk the runway. So Graham decided to take matters into her own hands. The model posted a photo of herself walking the Addition Elle runway during New York Fashion Week. The wings that are photoshopped in, according to Harper's Bizarre.

"Got my wings!" Graham's Instagram caption reads. "My #AdditionElle wings! #thickthighssavelives."

It's obvious that the post pokes fun at the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. What's not so easily seen is that this isn't just about slamming the show — it's about advocating for inclusion.

It's worth noting that Graham has modeled in Lane Bryant's I'm No Angel campaign, too. So this isn't the first time that the model has publicly slammed the brand for not accepting her body type.

Graham has always approached social media as something playful rather than strictly professional. Take, for instance, the Instagram story where she interviewed the Barbie designed after her. She's funny while raising awareness about serious issues like body inclusion at the same time.

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According to PopSugar, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is more racially diverse than ever. The publication states that at least 14 of the 52 models in the show are women of color. The model Lais Ribeiro will wear the 2017 Fantasy Bra as well, which marks the very first time that two women of color have ever worn the iconic item back-to-back.

Despite strides to make the show more racially inclusive, there has been no change with the body types that walk the runway. It's not that Victoria's Secret doesn't celebrate women's bodies. It's that they only seem to celebrate one type of body.

Since the model's social media post, fans have been thanking Graham for posting the image and speaking out. While there are some negative comments, the majority of people are praising the image for poking fun at the event while celebrating plus-size bodies at the same time.

Yes, the message is in all caps. And yes, it is necessary.

She's being deemed peoples' favorite Angel, whether real or not.

They might not actually be real wings, but the sentiment behind them is giving people all the crying emojis.

If Graham isn't the definition of role model, then I don't know who is.

With the VSFS just days away, Graham's post is a great reminder that there needs to be more diversity on the runway. After all, whether you're rocking the wings or photoshopping them on yourself at home, your body is beautiful.