Ashley Graham Gives Amazing Body Pos Styling Tips

by Madison Fraser

It's been a hell of a year for body positivity, and I hope it never ends. Today, Glamour contributed to the movement with the best plus-size styling tips from supermodel Ashley Graham. Known for participating in the #ImNoAngel campaign earlier this year, Graham is making strides in the plus size modeling industry. It's easy to assume that as a model Graham adheres to strict fashion roles. She always has to look polished, but sexy, and it's often hard to find clothes that strike that balance, let alone clothes that also come in a range of sizes.

Luckily, fashion brands like Modcloth, ASOS Curve, Forever 21+, and Torrid offer everything from skinny jeans to bodycon dresses for all the plus size fashionistas out there. Graham is no stranger to these trends, and naturally she offered up useful styling advice in her interview with Glamour today.

There's one way to sum up the theme of Graham's suggestions, and it's to wear whatever you want when you want. Wearing silk and emphasizing your cellulite isn't actually a thing, said Graham. "I wear it all the time," Graham said. Oh, and plus size girls can certainly wear baggy clothing if they want to.

"Curvy girls can look great in looser-fitting clothes; you don't always have to wear body-con," she said. "The trick is that if I'm wearing a baggy top and bottom, the top is short. If it hits around your belly button or slightly above, you create the illusion of a natural waist with the clothing."

Along the same lines, she also insists on wearing crop tops, skirts above the knee ("even if it shows cellulite!"), and even white on white if you fancy it. Basically, no conventional fashion rules should exist whether your plus size or not.

In addition to that, Graham also stressed the notion of playing up your chest – because there's no point in hiding it! The body pos model advocated finding a sexy, but supportive bra that you can show off under your clothes. She'll be releasing her own line of lingerie, Addition Elle, this August, so she's definitely got some experience under her belt. If you're busty but don't like showing a lot of cleavage, she suggests trying a V-neck shape because "it breaks up the fabric between your chin and chest."

Graham knows how to play with porpotions, but she also doesn't adhere to them. Read the full interview here, and consider it to be your plus-size bible for your next trip to the mall.

Images: Instagram/theashleygraham (3)