ASOS & Crayola's Beauty Collab Is '90s Vibes With Packaging As Lit As The Product

ASOS x Crayola
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Let's be honest, unless you're a hardcore make-up obsessive, most new collections arrive and pass by with little fanfare. But occasionally, one comes along that makes you feel giddy. ASOS and Crayola's beauty collaboration certainly does that. Full of rainbow shades that will brighten up any look, it's all your nostalgic dreams come true, and the perfect way to show your support this Pride month.

The collection, which has been released today, features a whopping 58 products including lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, and highlighters. Each has been designed using 95 bright colours and aims to get people to show off their creative skills in the beauty department.

And just when you thought the nostalgia was too much, take a look at the design of each item. Made to look like actual Crayola crayons (even the packaging!), you can relive your childhood with each swipe and application. Crayola has also hit headlines thanks to its face crayon which is the first on the market that is safe to be used for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

The entire range gets an extra gold star as not only does the collection serve people of all ethnicities, it is also cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan. So you can go wild without wondering how you're affecting the environment or the lives of animals.

ASOS x Crayola

Several products stand out. Crayola's face crayon comes in an array of 24 shades ranging from dark shades like grey, olive green, and navy blue to bright yellows and turquoises. There is also a lip and cheek crayon that comes in every colour the face crayon doesn't.

When it comes to eyes, there are a number of palettes to experiment with. For those who are a little shy when it comes to colour, Crayola has designed a set filled with nude shades. There are also palettes that will provide you with the perfect smoky eye or mermaid-inspired look. If you're really creative, don't forget to try out the customisable lip palette which allows you to combine colours to create the perfect stand-out shade.

ASOS x Crayola

The childhood brand has also utilised colour-changing technology, implementing it into yet more lip crayons. Last but not least, there are a number of mascaras that steer clear of traditional colours. Instead, Crayola's eco-friendly formula comes in bright and more subdued hues of blue.

I'm not the only one who's excited. Plenty of people on Twitter have expressed a desire to return to their childhood with people labelling the collection as "cute" and "unreal".

However, some people are more than a little confused by Crayola's entry into the beauty market.

If you're not put off by the rather unique collaboration, you can snap up the entire thing on ASOS from today. Prices start from £9 for each individual crayon and go up to £25 for a colourful brush set. Here's just a few of the must-have items:

Whether you're gearing up for festival season or just want to show off down the pub, a few minutes with this collection will wake up your inner child. Who knew that crayons could still be such fun?

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