ASOS’ New 'See My Fit' Tool Lets You View Clothes On 16 Different Body Shapes

by Lauren Sharkey

Online shopping is one of the best and worst things to hit the world. Not only does it mean we can shop to our heart's content, but it's also gotten us used to constant disappointment. You know the feeling when you buy your dream outfit, only for it to look nothing like it did on the model. Well, ASOS has launched a new tool, See My Fit, to help stop that sinking feeling from ever happening again.

A collaboration with Israeli augmented reality (AR) company Zeekit, See My Fit allows shoppers to view an item on various models of different sizes and heights. As the Independent reports, it's a simulated image, meaning the models aren't actually wearing the clothes. Instead, designs have been digitally fitted onto their bodies, giving a better, but not completely accurate, view of what an item will look like.

“With this trial of See My Fit, we’re using the latest AR technology to put the power in our customers’ hands, so they can choose to view a dress on the model that they most identify with in a way that wouldn’t be possible using traditional model-shooting techniques,” Tim Carey, senior content manager at ASOS Studios, said in a statement.

Notice he uses the word "trial". Right now, you can use the tool on just over 40 dresses by clicking the Models option on the left hand side. Currently, 16 different models are shown, ranging from a UK size 4 to 18 and in height from 5’ 1’’ to 5’ 9’’.

Sandra Okoli, a software engineer at ASOS, confirmed the feature is "a trial of 16 models," tweeting: "So it all depends on the results of this, but we would love to widen the range of models to cater to as many as possible!" Her comments came after several people praised the tool, while others wondered if plus sizes or even men would be included.

Per Fashion United, ASOS said more models with greater size diversity would be introduced in a final launch. But the brand told the Independent it's not sure whether the tool will become permanent in the future. The trial is set to run for at least six weeks.

For now, though, See My Fit is a much easier way to shop online, avoiding constant returns in the process. It may not be perfect, but it's a start to a more positive experience. Other brands: take note.

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