Avocado Chocolate May Be The Best Thing To Happen Since The Dawn Of Avocado Toast

I’ll be the first one to admit that I — like so many other people — am obsessed with avocado. What’s not to love? The green super fruit is beautiful, delicious, and healthy, to boot. Possibly the only way to improve it: Chocolate. Chocolatier Compartés has released an avocado chocolate bar, and it looks glorious.

L.A.-based Compartés is a brand known for its distinctive, colorful packaging and unusual flavor combinations. Previous creative concoctions include a kale dark chocolate bar, a cereal bowl bar (white chocolate plus Lucky Charms, natch), and a rosé bar. The avocado chocolate bar is made up of only two ingredients: Avocado and white chocolate. According to Food & Wine, Compartés enlisted the help of the California Avocado Commission to ensure that all of the avocados that go into the bar are organic, sustainable, and from local farms.

The packaging, featuring a cheerful pattern of bright green avocados, is typically eye catching for Compartés, but the real question, of course, is, “How does it taste?” Kat Sacks from Epicurious reported, “It's good!” Avery Matera and Chelsea Stone of Epicurious described the cream-colored bar as sweet with “a bit of a buttery flavor” and said that the avocado flavor is understated, “more of a suggestion than a declaration.”

At $9.95 for a single bar, the avocado chocolate bar doesn’t come cheaply, but many avo-lovers will be psyched to have yet another way to incorporate avocado into their daily diets. After all, avocados are full of good stuff: fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and monounsaturated fats (the “good” kind of fat). And a study released in April found that eating avocados helps prevent metabolic syndrome. (People with metabolic syndrome carry a number of conditions that contribute to heart disease and diabetes, like high blood pressure and unusual cholesterol.) So avocado +chocolate? Sounds like a (tasty) win all around.