People Are Now Using Avocados To Propose & The Pictures Are Actually Adorable

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Avocados are popular with mostly everybody who has never tried one, so so this probably isn't the first time you've seen the words "avocado" and "engaged" together. Who hasn't said that they've wanted to marry an avocado whilst in the midst of enjoying a particularly delicious dish of avocado toast? (I know I have.) That said, it's not common that anyone actually follows through with incorporating an avocado into their engagement plans... until now, anyway. That's right: Avocado proposals are now a thing.

In the part, when one decided to propose marriage to their bae, they would get down on one knee to present a clam shell jewelry box containing a shiny ring wedged into its plush center. The tradition has remained a part of popular culture for centuries, and most people have become very familiar with the idea of an engagement including a precious diamond ring being offered in a special secret box. Like, if you're in a serious relationship with someone and they pull out a small square-shaped box, you know what's about to happen. Sure, sometimes people will hide a ring in places like a champagne glass (which, to be honest, could be kind of a choking hazard) or a chocolate soufflé (again, choking hazard) to surprise their significant other with, but most of the time, a proposal includes a ring box.

But, this new trend changes the game. Let me propose this question: would you have a clue that anything other than brunch is about to happen if your partner pulled out an avocado?

Or, better question: would you be even more excited to see an avocado than a small square box?

It all started with a gorgeous Instagram post (where most important trends begin) on the well-known Amsterdam-based food photographer and stylist Instagram, FoodDeco. The account posted an avocado, cut in half, with a ring inside it — an #avocadoproposal, or an avoposal. Basically, it depicted an avocado fruit sliced in half and pitted, held partially open with two hands as if it were a jewelry box. In place of the pit, however, an engagement ring was wedged into the fresh green meat of the fruit, and then concealed by the other half like a clam shell. Pretty, romanic, and also super delicious. Thus, a trend was born. (Seriously: #avocadoproposal is a trending hashtag now, and you can follow it on both Instagram and Twitter.)

The original post looks like a very on-brand joke for the account, which literally specializes in creative avocado preparation and presentation, but if you look a little further, as Food 52 already did, you'll see that the avocado engagement has turned into very much a real thing that some couples have utilized in their engagements.

Screw the manufactured jewelry box, Mother Nature grows her own.

While this trend might seem more millennial than everlasting, I have to admit — it's creative and sweet. Like, if your lover loves avocados, why not give them two things they're going to love at once — a ring and a snack? I'm sure it'd up your chances of getting a "yes" to that whole will you marry me question.

That said, avocados ripen like, super quickly, so I imagine there's not much leeway with this proposal. It basically has to be timed so perfectly that the pit is replaced only minutes before the proposal, or else things are going to get guacward when you offer a ring in muddy brown sludge. No diamond deserves that kind of presentation. With that in mind, this proposal isn't just for the adventurous and creative foodie, it's also for risk-takers who like to think out of the box.

(OK, I'm done with the food puns. I should spend some time thinking about whether I would say "I avocaDO" or "I avocaDON'T" to an #avocadoproposal.)