The Meet-Cute In 'Baby Baby Baby' Is Too Cute

I'm going to make the not-so-bold claim that many women aren't super amused when they're trying to do their own thing and a random guy bothers them for a date. But in this clip of Brian Klugman's movie Baby, Baby, Baby, the meet-cute and the ensuing pick-up is so self-aware, hilarious, and awkward that it seems, dare I say, sweet? It's the sort of moment that I would only respond to with a slight amount of sass and maybe even a "yes." Brutal honesty is sometimes appreciated.

In the clip, the main characters, Sydney and Sunny (played by Brian Klugman and Agents of Shield actor Adrianne Palicki respectively), cross paths while partaking in their own "calisthenic routines" in a Los Angeles park. Sydney requests that Sunny forgoes what he imagines is her "absolute rule that you never break that when you're, you know, hiking, or without your friends, or you're wearing shorts or something — that no matter what under any circumstance you don't give out your phone number" and instead take down his number and go on a "really nice old-fashioned date" with him.

The classically beautiful Sunny seems charmed by Sydney's undeniable awkwardness, and in the clip it looks like she's going to take the bait in a gawky red-haired package.

It appears the two do start dating and eventually move in together. They soon find out that they are the quintessential example of opposites attracting. However, Sydney's jealousy and paranoia lead to a series of events that may ruin his relationship with this woman he considers to be perfect for him, albeit very different from him. Sounds like a recipe for d-r-a-m-a.

Sony's indie rom-com comes to DVD on February 7.