'Bachelor' Alums Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick Just Revealed How Their Relationship Began

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; ABC/Craig Sjodin

Even though they didn't meet on a Bachelor show, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are one of the most talked about couples in the franchise. For the most part, fans want to see what they're doing. And then there are others. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick opened up about how their relationship beganand talked about fans who say that they "post too much."

The couple opened up about their relationship during the April 9 episode of the Off The Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast. Kaitlyn admitted, "First of all, did not expect to fall in love so fast, one, and two, with someone in Bachelor Nation." Jason responded, "What a wild f*cking world, huh? Anyone out there who's like 'life is up and down,' tomorrow things change like that." They really do.

The Bachelor franchise favorites reflected on the origin of their love story. Kaitlyn shared some words of encouragement with the live crowd, "For anybody out there, I don't know if anybody out there is going through a breakup or a hard time. In life, literally, tomorrow could bring you sort of joy. You have no idea what's around the corner and that's just so exciting if you think about it."

She kept the optimism going. Kaitlyn reflected, "The next day could be the best day of my life. That has happened for us, obviously." And, ironically enough, the day that they met started out as a pretty difficult one as she taped a podcast episode with him.

Kaitlyn confessed, "I walked into our podcast sobbing, my feelings hurt, don't want to get into it, and so sad like 'I hate everybody.'" The former Bachelorette lead recalled, "You were like 'I'm having a tough day too, so we will have a tough day together.'" Aaaww. How sweet.

After that initial podcast taping, Kaitlyn remarked, "Whoever dates him is so lucky." And now they're both lucky since they are in a happy relationship with each other.

Jason looked back at that time period and was very honest about what he was thinking, "My side, I'm like Kaitlyn Bristowe, what a smoke show, but I don't know what her story is."

He did not watch The Bachelor or any of the other shows in the franchise. Jason shared, "I just didn't know much about it. My father knew nothing. My mother is obsessed."

And it was actually Mrs. Tartick who first planted the seed for Jason and Kaitlyn's relationship. Jason revealed, "The show's playing and my mom tells me 'You've got to check out Kaitlyn Bristowe's Instagram.'"

And Jason's mom isn't the only one who's checking out Kaitlyn's Instagram. There are a lot of people who are following along with her and Jason's relationship thanks to the social media platform. Most do so because they care about their happiness, but there are still some haters, of course.

Jason kept it real when he said, "We get sh*t because 'every time we have fun together, we have to put it out there.' Then Jason rhetorically asked, "Do we care?" Clearly not. He even declared, "Guess what, we're having f*cking fun, so we're gonna put it out there. I don't give a sh*t."

Unfortunately, there are haters out there, but there are plenty of fans who love the duo and root for their happiness.

Then, Jason explained the difficulties of having a relationship in the public eye. He shared, "I keep getting messages from people who say 'You keep putting it all out there. What's your problem?' And then you get people who are like 'You're hiding it.'"

Jason concluded, "You're damned if you do. You're damned if you don't. The grass isn't greener and let me tell you, at the end of the day, be true to you, live your life, and f*ck everybody else."

If people are so bothered by Jason and Kaitlyn's relationship, maybe they just shouldn't look. Jason and Kaitlyn enjoy spending time together and there are plenty of people who want to follow along and cheer them on.