Fans Have A Lot To Say About 'The Bachelor'

by Nicole Pomarico
Terhi Tuovinen/ABC

I can't believe I'm actually typing these words, but this is real life, guys: Nick Viall is an engaged man. On Monday night's Bachelor finale, Nick asked Vanessa Grimaldi to marry him, and they rode off into the Finnish sunset together. But what if their relationship isn't as perfect as it appears? Not all Bachelor fans were convinced by their appearance on After The Final Rose, even though the new couple talked about how they're planning their future together. In fact, Twitter doesn't think Nick and Vanessa are happy after The Bachelor at all, and some fans actually made some good points.

Of course, Nick and Vanessa's actual words on ATFR? Totally in line with what most couples say. Being in hiding for the past few months has been hard, long distance relationships are hard, taking things slow, planning to spend the rest of our lives together — you know the drill. These two hit all the most important points, but that wasn't enough to make everyone watching think that they're actually living happily ever after. Since Twitter always has the best reactions to these kinds of things, it wasn't surprising at all that those who use it are telling it like it is as always.

One tweet employed Chrissy Teigen's best reaction face ever to explain her feelings:

While another just straight up told it like it is:

And of course, my personal favorite tweet on the situation, which pretty much sums up how I'm feeling after this finale, as well:

The good news? It doesn't matter what Twitter thinks when it comes to Nick and Vanessa actually making their relationship work in the real world. All that matters is the actual effort that they put into it, and if they're both willing to take their time and be prepared to comprise, they can totally make it, post-rose ceremonies. At least, I hope they can.

Your move, Nick and Vanessa. Here's hoping we're watching their TV wedding by this time next year!