'Bachelor' Nation Stars Who Look Totally Different Now

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Rachel has made being a chic Bachelorette look easy. From the moment she first appeared on the show, she's managed to maintain her trendy personal style while still elevating the looks for national television. But, as we all know, style is forever, but fashion trends come and go. What might have been the most desired haircut in 2003 is probably not something many people would be caught dead in now. And while it's easy to just hide your middle school photos in the back of your closet, it's not so simple to forget your style past when you've appeared on national television. And a lot of Bachelor stars look totally different now than when we first saw them.

That makes sense when you consider that the Bachelor franchise has had quite a long run. The very first season of The Bachelor aired in 2002, making the series 15 years old. Fans have watched their favorite contestants grow up, glow up, get married, start families, change careers, and change looks. No one wants to remember what they were wearing in 2005, right? I think the same might go for some of these reality stars. Here are 16 Bachelor franchise stars who are almost unrecognizable from when they first appeared on our screens.

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