'Bachelor' Twins Emily & Haley Ferguson Say Nick Viall Wouldn't "Fake Anything" With Vanessa

Freeform/ Vu Ong

Bachelor fans have been buzzing about the state of Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's romance ever since he dropped down on one knee during the show's finale. Unfortunately for Vick/Nanessa (their couple name is still undetermined at this point), the talk hasn't been all positive. But two people who are firmly on their side are Bachelor twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, who believe Nick and Vanessa are in it for the long haul.

"Yes, we're great friends with Nick, and honestly, I think Nick and Vanessa will last," Emily tells Bustle during a conference call.

The two sisters have been avid Nick supporters ever since they became friends during the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. And now, while promoting their own new series, The Twins: Happily Ever After?, they're still showing their support.

"Vanessa is totally Nick's type," Emily says, confirming what has been pointed out in countless internet memes. "He seems so in love with her."

Nick and Vanessa have been getting ripped apart by some fans of The Bachelor ever since their candid After the Final Rose. Rather than sugarcoating things, they decided to keep it real and open up about the struggles of long distance dating after a reality TV show.

This also led some to question whether the relationship is already over, but Emily negates the perception that the four-time reality TV participant is only with Vanessa for fame. "Nick isn't the kind of guy to fake anything," she says. "He's very real, so if he and Vanessa weren't meant to be, I don't think that he would have proposed. I think they are great together."

And I think that the twins are great friends to Nick. They clearly have his back and it's nice to see that their BiP connection has lasted. No matter who you were pulling for to get Nick's final rose or how much Nick and Vanessa's After the Final Rose appearance strayed from the norm, it's time to take a page out of Emily and Hayley's book and root for this couple instead of against them. Dating is hard enough as it is.

Everyone who watched Haley and Emily during their previous reality TV appearances and those who follow the dynamic duo on social media know that they are not the kind of people to bite their tongues. These two have always kept it real, so there's no reason not to trust their opinion on this highly debated topic in the Bachelor fandom.