13 Tweets About Jordan & His Instantly Iconic Quotes On ‘The Bachelorette'

ABC/Paul Hebert

At this point in the season there are still a ton of guys to keep up with, but Jordan from The Bachelorette stands out thanks to his ridiculous quotes. Sure, this show is all about Becca Kufrin ultimately finding love, but the season finale is a long time from now. The fandom has only been given two episodes so far, which means that Becca is far from whittling the pool down to her most serious candidates.

On the bright side, that means that Jordan, the fashion model, is still around and that viewers are blessed with more quotes about modeling, fashion, dating, confidence, and any other field Jordan deems himself to be an expert in. He really does say the darnedest things.

Jordan has an opinion about everything and everyone. Aside from the Bachelorette herself, he is definitely getting the most screen time at this point in the season.

Some fans are loving Jordan for his absurd commentary and others love hating on it, but either way, many Bachelorette fans enjoy talking about him. As per usual, a lot of viewers live-tweeted Monday night's Bachelorette episode, and Jordan (and his outrageous quotes) definitely dominated the conversation from Week 2 of Becca's season.


Jordan Quotes Are A Great Reason To Watch

Both enthusiastic fans and reluctant viewers can agree that Jordan's quotes are a great reason to watch. It's too fun wondering what he will say next.


Jordan "Doesn't Want Attention"

Jordan denies wanting attention. He's just wearing his underwear and dress shoes at a cocktail party. That's totally different, right? In Jordan's eyes it is.


Jordan Puts On His Confidence First

Yes, Jordan telling Becca to "put your confidence on" when she gets ready is every day is beyond cheesy, but it is actually pretty solid advice. It's just tough to take it as anything other than a joke given everything else Jordan has said so far.


Jordan Has A Marketable Catchphrase

"Put the confidence on" could have inspired more than memes and live tweets. Will Jordan capitalize on his instantly infamous phrase and throw it on a T-shirt? That would not be at all surprising.


Jordan Is Ready To Rock

Where did this one come from? Was it a Kesha reference? No one really knows what exactly inspired "Tick tock. Let's make it rock," but it was another quote that caught everyone's attention.


Jordan Using The Phrase "Little Jordan" Was So Awkward

It's way to soon for Jordan to discuss procreating with Becca. It's also a little cringe-worthy (yet hysterical) to describe his future offspring as "little Jordans."


Jordan Makes Up His Own Words

Yes, Jordan said "ingenuinity" multiple times and it was glorious.


Jordan Has Too Many Great Quotes To Choose From

Does Jordan think of these lines in advance or do they just roll off of his tongue? It is way too difficult deciding on Jordan's most entertaining quotes.


Jordan Is Not 007 All The Time

Did Becca (or anyone else) actually think that Jordan had a James Bond level of smoothness all the time? Most likely not, but Jordan insists that there is so much more to him than that.


Jordan Is Multi-Dimensional

Jordan is more than some guy with hair! He's also a guy wearing no clothes, a pink blanket, and dress shoes while spewing out ridiculous quotes at a cocktail party.


Jordan's Quotes Are A Lot To Keep Up With

So much Jordan. So little time. Pretty much every time Jordan is on screen he is saying something quotable.


Jordan's Words Just Never Stop

It really does feel like he has something new to say every single day.... hour... minute... second.


Jordan Wants Becca To Fall For His Personality

In a way Jordan choosing to get naked at a formal event does say something about his personality, but it's not exactly screaming "final rose material" to Becca.

Is Jordan the one for Becca? Most likely not. Is Jordan the one who makes the show worth watching? At this point, that is definitely the case. Jordan says the most ridiculous things with the most sincerity. He says everything he spews out with such conviction that it makes the absurd quotes even more entertaining. Jordan is more than just a model. He is the most hilarious contestant on this season of The Bachelorette. By far.